Sophomore Mark Miller | Hillsdale College Courtesy

What is it like living in the Midwest after growing up on the east coast?

The people are a little dif­ferent. Some of the stereo­types are true. People talk slower here. People drive faster in New Jersey. I notice the accent in people here. People are nicer here. I’m not a huge fan of the snow, but it’s not as densely pop­u­lated.

How has running at Hillsdale been different/similar to your expe­ri­ences in high school?

Cross country is similar. In track, everybody is close but not as close in cross country. The dis­tance guys just really bond. I saw that in high school and here in college. I get along fine with everyone on the track team, but we’re really close on the cross country team.

What’s your most mem­o­rable race?

Last year in spring track in the 1500-meter at con­ference that we hosted, we went one through four. I got fourth. We had Nathan Jones and Joey Humes. Jack Shelley and I were freshmen at the time. We were sup­posed to get seventh or eighth. But we got into the final lap and were right up there in the front pack and we just started going. It was just us four. It was a huge adren­aline rush.

Are there certain moments when you’re running when you get that payoff?

Toward the end of a race when I know I’ve given a con­sistent effort throughout the whole race. If I know that I’ve tried my best, then that last mile, even though I’m really tired, I still feel moti­vated since I’m almost there and I’ve tried really hard and I’m going to run really fast.

Before each race, do you have a custom or tra­dition to calm nerves or get you pumped?

I’m usually pretty calm before the race. I listen to music to get pumped up. As a team usually we will do some strides a few minutes before the race. We nor­mally huddle up and say a prayer.