The Hillsdale County Fair has been dubbed the “most popular fair on earth” with good reason. Home to the county’s cul­tural attrac­tions and agri­cul­tural achieve­ments, the fair has been a mean­ingful staple in the com­munity for more than a century, and stu­dents should take advantage of it.

Its quirky exhibits — the hay com­pe­tition, largest pumpkin, birthing tent, etc. — are an autumn tra­dition, and they showcase the livelihood of many Hillsdale res­i­dents. The farms of Hillsdale County support the town, and stu­dents should plug into the com­munity by lending their support.

Parading live­stock and crops around the fair might seem trivial to Hillsdale stu­dents — many of whom come to the college from various corners of the country — but to Hillsdale res­i­dents, the ribbons awarded them mean some­thing.  

The fair is more than its weird exhi­bi­tions — it’s an annual tra­dition rooted in the things that make Hillsdale great. It runs from Sept. 23 – 29, so make sure to stop by the fair this week and admire its odd­ities. And grab the fried cookie dough bites on your way out.