Charger football

This weekend, alumni, fam­ilies, and fans will pack the seats of Frank “Muddy” Waters Stadium for the Home­coming football game. Stu­dents should, too — and not just this Sat­urday. This year’s Chargers promise to be worth watching; they just knocked off the No.12 team in the country last weekend, Ohio Dominican Uni­versity. Every year, stu­dents pack the student section for the first home game of the season, and Otter Army’s “blackout” was a success earlier this month. But inevitably, as classes pile up and semesters become busy, stu­dents forego home football games. That shouldn’t be the case this year. After the Home­coming game, the team has only three more home games this year, so stu­dents should make every effort to attend and watch their class­mates compete for a con­ference cham­pi­onship. The team thrives off of a com­pet­itive home field advantage, so stu­dents should come out and get loud when the Chargers are on defense. There’s plenty of space in the bleachers for everybody. 

  • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

    It was a great game, anybody who missed it missed a real treat. The team has their Mojo working this season. I expected a rebuilding year, but their win over ODU con­vinced me that this seasons Hillsdale Chargers Football team is some­thing very special.

    I under­stand that stu­dents are over­whelmed with studies and it’s easy to miss an event like this, but at Hillsdale College the football players are real stu­dents as well. They all had to meet the same aca­demic require­ments as everyone else. In addition to games, they have practice most nights on top of their studies. Each student should try to make their home con­tests and support the folks who are rep­re­senting your school.

    I’d also like to note you have a Vol­leyball Team that is unde­feated in con­ference matches and is playing at a very high level. These ladies are really amazing and they are fun to watch. Try and make a few con­tests this season and show your support! You’ll really enjoy it, trust me!

    • Jen­nifer Melfi

      I agree that the team should be sup­ported, but your point about football players being real stu­dents will raise eye­brows with some. As a point of dis­cussion, when i was at hillsdale, I would surmise that 80% or more were in majors related to business, 18% were science majors, and 2% were humanities/social sci­ences. I think that all hillsdale majors are all valid sub­jects of study, but this dis­crepancy (I would guess human­ities majors make up 30 – 40% of all hillsdale stu­dents) not really related to this in a strong way. I guess I’m just not sure if you knew this and thought it would make a good dis­cussion.

      • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

        I welcome all infor­mation related to this topic, I agree it would make for good dis­cussion. A Business Major is not an easy course of study, cer­tainly not at Hillsdale. I’m sure the classes would chal­lenge me and I have a BS, MS and PhD in Elec­trical Engi­neering. Just getting into Hillsdale these days is no easy achievement, the stu­dents are mighty special.

        I guess the point I was trying to make is you won’t find tutors assigned to ath­letes who are majoring in ‘Recre­ation’ or some­thing along those lines-like at Div1A schools. I am truly amazed at how 18 – 21 year old student-ath­letes at Hillsdale can balance the respon­si­bil­ities of ath­letics and aca­d­emics-I was not mature enough to do it when I was that age. And that goes for stu­dents par­tic­i­pating in orchestra, choir or any other avo­cation requiring a lot of time.

        The quality of young people we get at Hillsdale today is some­thing mighty special, in my view. They are among the best of the very best.

        What hap­pened to Nebraska?

        • Jen­nifer Melfi

          This could spark a long dis­cussion and happy to have it with you. I guess I was trying to com­mu­nicate that many of the stu­dents at hillsdale, cur­rently, and in my era came to see the campus as bifur­cated between ath­letes and non-ath­letes, with little common expe­rience between them . Obvi­ously, these majors aren’t “better ” than studying classics, but the unnatural dis­tri­b­ution of majors for this sub­pop­u­la­tions guides me to believe there is some­thing real that is causing this. Not sure if it is bad or good (it just be reality, like the fact that many more women than men excel in healthcare fields) but thought this would be a good oppor­tunity to discuss and shed light on some­thing that may be a cause of an effect you observed.

        • Jen­nifer Melfi

          Nebraska.… jfc. Where to start. Worst per­for­mance I have ever seen. I fear that many who sup­ported the firing of mike riley and hiring of coach frost mis­di­ag­nosed the causes of our recent problems and thus, are having con­fused identity issues of what they see now. To me, this is. Year 0, still in teardown mode season. Check back in 3 yrs from now.