Boiled water advisory for area of Garden Street between Mead Street and Hillsdale Street. COLLEGIAN | Jordyn Pair

Due to updates in the water system as part of the street preser­vation project, the Hillsdale Board of Public Util­ities issued a boil water advisory on Tuesday for the area of Garden Street between Mead Street and Hillsdale Street, according to the department’s Facebook page.

A boil water advisory is put into place when the pressure in the drinking water system drops below 20 pounds per square inch, which may allow some­thing to enter the system, according to Bill Briggs, the Hillsdale BPU water and waste­water super­in­tendent.

“The advisory lasts at least 48 hours from the time the first water sample for testing is taken,” Briggs said.

Testing man­dates two con­sec­utive samples be taken 24 hours apart. If col­iform bac­teria is found, more testing may be required, Briggs said.                                                                             

 The BPU also shut off the water in the same area for 48 hours on Aug. 30 because of a water main tie in a con­struction project.

The water shut-off affected some local busi­nesses, like Handmade, at 78 Hillsdale St. which was unable to prepare food due to unsafe water. The sandwich shop reopened on Sept. 1.

Derek Spiteri, the owner of Handmade, expressed frus­tration at the short notice the shop was given. He was told less than 24 hours in advance of the boil notice, which forced him to close his shop for the next three days.

“I’m not trying to bad­mouth anyone, but there was zero com­mu­ni­cation,” Spiteri said. “I was pretty blind­sided.”

Although the water is safe to use for show­ering and washing clothes, it should be boiled before drinking or cooking with it, Briggs said.

More boil notices are also on the way.

“Water con­nec­tions are yet to be be made at the inter­section of Oak and Mead Streets and on Union Street at Mead and Garden,” Briggs said. “These will likely require advi­sories.”