Off Campus Coalition wins Mock Rock, Sat­urday Sept. 20, 2018. Student Activ­ities Board. | Facebook

Another Hillsdale Home­coming came and went with Simpson car­rying on their legacy of dom­i­nation after receiving com­pe­tition from the newly formed Off Campus Coalition (OCC), and with Kendra Lantis and Alexander Green crowned as king and queen.

For the eighth year in a row, Simpson Res­i­dence took home the Home­coming trophy. After placing first in wing eating, as well as second in the banner com­pe­tition and Mock Rock, they were able to hold their title as Home­coming cham­pions.

“It’s pretty crazy to think that there have been two full cycles of college stu­dents that haven’t known any­thing except a Simpson win,” said junior Simpson Res­ident Assistant Stephen Richmann.

Com­peting for the first time this year, the OCC is a team com­prised of 14 off-campus houses. The OCC was first pro­posed by junior Dietrich Bals­baugh last spring after he decided to move off-campus after serving as a Simpson RA for a year.

Junior Helen Potter, one of the members of OCC, said she couldn’t be happier with how the group came together.

“There was a lot of interest,” she said. “It really showed how much com­munity there is off-campus, and I think that’s the whole point of Home­coming week.”

“The OCC owes a lot to Simpson,” Bals­baugh said. “Knowing how to take some­thing seri­ously and knowing how to do that well is some­thing I learned a lot from Simpson.”

“We cer­tainly knew the OCC would put up a good fight because they have such phe­nomenal people,” Richmann said.

Bals­baugh noted that, being a new group, it was tough to keep up morale after facing defeat in the banner and video com­pe­ti­tions. By the time Mock Rock, the last event, came around, they were ready for redemption.

“We gave our heart and soul to Mock Rock,” Bals­baugh said. “That was the best part of the week.”

After losing to Simpson in the end, Bals­baugh was not shaken.

“If we weren’t going to win, I’m glad it’s them beating us,” Bals­baugh said. “But they’ve got their work cut out for them next year. We will be back.”

Bals­baugh said they owed their success with vol­unteer hours to the fact that they had four GOAL Program leaders on their team.

Home­coming King Alexander Green, a senior, said he was impressed by the OCC and thought they showed campus that Home­coming “isn’t just a dorm thing or a Greek house thing.”

Although he was crowned king, Green said it was a causal process. Getting voted onto court only involved “an email in the middle of the night” letting him know he had been nom­i­nated for the position.

“I thought it was a prank and someone was just messing with me,” Green said.  

The fun­niest part of the week for Green was seeing what his “cam­paign team” was coming up with. His two sib­lings — junior Tim and freshman Susannah Green — as well as his girl­friend, junior Christa LaVoie, and senior Dominic Whalen took over cre­ating memes in their cam­paign efforts.

As a member of Student Activ­ities Board and the Home­coming court, Home­coming Queen Kendra Lantis, a senior, said her day was extremely busy.

Lantis’ favorite part of the week was Sat­urday when she was able to walk around and expe­rience Home­coming, vis­iting with alumni and family.

“Sat­urday is just the peak of Home­coming week and seeing people eating and walking around, seeing people who you wouldn’t usually get to see is just the best,” Lantis said. “I’m already planning on coming back for Home­coming next year.”