Student Activ­ities Board and Phi Mu Alpha are hosting this year’s Concert on the Quad, which was held in AJ’s Cafe last fall. Student Activ­ities Board | Facebook

The Student Activ­ities Board and Phi Mu Alpha is teaming up to host a Concert on the Quad on Friday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. behind Central Hall.

The concert will feature 12 student per­for­mances and have refresh­ments available.

One of the per­formers is sophomore Taryn Murphy, who is singing with her sister Ryan, a senior. The Murphy sisters also per­formed last year.

“Last year it was more about the per­for­mance,” Murphy said. “This year it’s more about playing together.”

Murphy said playing together over the last year has made them more com­fortable together.

The pair will be debuting Murphy’s new song “A Good Love,” the first duet she’s written. The pair has been singing together since they were nine and seven.

“It’s really rewarding to perform your own music,” she said.

Other per­formers include Christian Yiu, Olivia Mulley, and Dominic Bulger.