(L to R) Warren Ryd, former student Josh Hamilton, senior Chandler Ryd, and Tristan Lyon col­lab­o­rated on a short film. Barb Doyle | Courtesy

After countless hours of sitting at a desk and filming with a small budget, Chandler Ryd, ’18, will release his short film “Into the Plains,” Sat­urday, Sep. 15 in the Sage Center for the Arts.

The film centers on a woman who, after losing her child, abandons her husband and sets out on a road trip to escape her grief. Ryd explores the harsh reality of grief, pro­viding insight into its com­plex­ities for the audience.

“There’s some­thing important about the rela­tionship and con­nection that the artist and audience have through that work,” Ryd said. “It’s proper for a rela­tionship to be there between an audience and the artist.”

While cre­ating the film was a chal­lenge, Ryd’s strong drive to produce this film and his con­fi­dence in his abil­ities helped him conquer worry and doubt.

As a film­maker, a full-time student with a job, and husband-to-be, he knew that he could not pursue this project on his own. His friends vol­un­teered to help with the film, and a cre­ative director from pro­duction company Access Media Group pro­vided a large amount of aid, allowing Ryd to focus on the film’s pro­duction.

Due to the amount of support he received from campus, Ryd said he wanted friends and faculty to enjoy watching this film in an optimal envi­ronment. He said he wants some element of inter­action as well, enhancing the audience’s per­sonal rela­tionship with the film.

“It’s so exciting to see other English majors graduate and pursue what they love,” Junior Maria Forsythe said. “Chandler is so cre­ative and I’m looking forward to watching it on Sat­urday.”

“Into the Plains” will pre­miere Sat­urday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Hanes Room at the Sage Center. There will be two viewings, with the second accom­panied by a live director’s com­mentary.