Equip hosted church-planting mis­sion­aries from the Ukraine on Sept. 20. From left: Mis­sion­aries Mark and Kim Huffman, Pastor Steve Briix of Pine Ridge Bible Church, and Student Leader Daniel Kunkel. Nolan Ryan | Collegian

Equip Min­istries has started a new Bible study fea­turing local pastors dis­cussing various core prin­ciples of Christian belief.

The program, held in Kendall 236A at 8 pm, meets on various Thursdays throughout the semester. Equip cur­rently has several other pro­grams already, and this new study was created to meet a dif­ferent need the leaders per­ceived on campus.

Pastor Steve Briix of Pine Ridge Bible Church, who helps lead Equip, said that they wanted to create a place where stu­dents could talk about dif­ficult doc­trinal dif­fer­ences without dissension.

“We wanted to create a forum where dif­ficult topics could be addressed and people would have a place to practice and model, ‘How do we talk about dif­ficult the­o­logical ques­tions and do so in love?’” he said. “That’s the theme of Equip, as well, that we want to provide unity in the body of Christ.” 

Sophomore Bryce Asberg, one of Equip’s student leaders, said they have tried to use a unique format for the Thursday meetings.

“Another unique element that’s not being met any­where else on campus that we know of is that we have as much time devoted to dis­cussion of the pre­sen­tation as we give to pastors for the pre­sen­tation,” Asberg said.

Briix and Hillsdale College Chaplain Adam Rick spoke at the first two gath­erings.  Briix gave a pre­sen­tation on the authority of Scripture, and Rick dis­cussed the role of tra­dition in the Christian faith.

The meeting on Sept. 20, however, was dif­ferent. Mark Huffman, a former church planter in Ukraine, spoke on the impor­tance of global mis­sions.  He cur­rently serves as COO of Entrust, a min­istry focused on devel­oping leaders around the world. Stu­dents had the oppor­tunity to eat dinner with him prior to the meeting to ask ques­tions and hear stories about his min­istry. During his pre­sen­tation that night, he talked about how Christ works in the world.

First, a crisis occurs, Huffman said. The dis­ciples will doubt and despair, but Jesus gives the command to obey. Then, if the dis­ciples do what Jesus says, there will be results. Huffman urged the stu­dents to think about how they could apply this to their per­sonal lives.

Equip has a much broader role than their Thursday night study, according to Briix.

“Our role on the campus is we desire to equip stu­dents to walk close to the Lord and to know the gifts and abil­ities He has given them, so they can serve the Lord and have a foun­dation for a lifetime of serving in the church,” Briix said.

Asberg is excited about how the new Thursday night study has been con­necting people.

“We’ve seen a lot of stu­dents come in the first few weeks from dif­ferent grades and dif­ferent parts of campus,” he said. “It pro­vides an oppor­tunity to get to know and interact with and be encouraged by people you might not have come in contact with otherwise.”