Mary Ellen Sattler makes cus­tomers’ coffee order at Jilly Beans’s newest location in Jonesville. Col­legian | Jullie Havlak


Jilly Beans Too: Putting the Jo in Jonesville, opened as the  only coffee shop in town Friday, relieving Jonesville res­i­dents from the lim­i­ta­tions of six years of coffee-house-famine.

Mary Ellen Sattler, owner of Jilly Beans in Hillsdale, first got the idea to open a sister-shop in Jonesville from a friend who said that a coffee shop has con­sis­tently appeared on the list of com­munity needs in Jonesville town meetings.

“One of the things that people wanted was a coffee shop, and you know, the list was long – but this was one of the things on it, so we thought ok,” Sattler said.

For the last six years, the only other coffee venue available to locals has been McDonald’s.

Inspired by the oppor­tunity, and eager to answer the needs of the com­munity, Sattler bought what was a former Christmas shop downtown in March, hoping to transform it into a spa­cious coffee bar in a quick two months. But after Sattler dis­covered she needed to gut the building’s elec­trical and plumbing, she had to shift her original time frame.

To further frus­trate her plans, she broke her ankle in three places, inhibiting her natural do-it-yourself per­son­ality. Despite the many unan­tic­i­pated set­backs, Sattler said she was inspired by the way her com­munity came together to help realize her vision.

One friend who stepped up to help was Jon Wyllys, a handy-man who helped her outfit her kitchen with every amenable she could imagine.

“I knew what I wanted, he put it together. I felt like a little kid – it’s like Christmas when they are around,” Sattler said.

Sattler plans to hang plaques outside the shop as thanks to the indi­viduals and estab­lish­ments that con­tributed to the project.

Sattler shook things up at her Hillsdale location, changing the shop’s hours and expanding the menu to include lunch options. To keep up with the demand for baked goods and lunch options, Sattler brought on Jeannie Van Deusan, her boyfriend’s mother, a self-taught baker and cook who pre­pares every­thing on Sattler’s menu.

According to Van Deusan, this is the first time she has baked pro­fes­sionally.

“I just had a family and I cooked,” Van Deusan said. “When [Mary Ellen] bought the shop in Hillsdale, my son said, hey, you’re looking for a cook, why don’t you try mom for a while?”

Van Deusan will now prepare food for both loca­tions.

Jilly Beans Too fea­tures a window cut into the back wall that looks into a spa­cious kitchen.

Van Deusan said she loves using a larger space at the Jonesville location.

“I love it,” she said. “Over at the other place, all I have is one of these little things to cook on because it is so compact there is only enough room for one person to walk back and forth. Every­thing is stuffed in there. It works, but there is not any room. The oven here, I have four or five racks, and the other oven, I’d have stuff piling up waiting to go in the oven. I’ve got three door freezers and refrig­er­ators.”

The upgrade doesn’t stop with the kitchen. The main shop doubles the size of the Hillsdale location, lined with tables and arm­chairs perfect for meals, con­ver­sa­tions, and study dates.

Rebecca Voccola, a senior Hillsdale student now employed at Jilly Beans Too, antic­i­pates that the atmos­phere of the shop will draw college stu­dents as well as local clientele.

“The atmos­phere is great, more like Rough Draft than the original Jilly Beans [with] exposed brick and wood walls, which I think is a vibe that college stu­dents really like,” Voccola said. “It is also bigger and more open so there is more study space, and I think that will be really con­ve­nient.”

Three Hillsdale stu­dents are employed there now, and Sattler said she is still looking to hire more.

The coffee shop will be open from 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, and on Sat­urdays and Sundays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. respec­tively.