The corner of Uran Street and Indus­trial Drive. Nic Rowan | Collegian

Hillsdale Indus­trial Park stands as a tes­tament to the growing Hillsdale economy. 

According to the Eco­nomic Devel­opment Coor­di­nator for the City of Hillsdale Kelly LoPresto, 22 of the Indus­trial Park buildings are cur­rently occupied. 

“The park only has one vacant building for sale and one building with space available for lease,” LoPresto said. “All other buildings are occupied.” 

Mayor Adam Stockford is more than con­fident in the growing Hillsdale Economy. He said he believes that people are excited about Hillsdale and the state of Michigan. 

“I’ve said over and over, I think we’re heading for bright days,” Stockford said. “We’ve got a solid foun­dation built on family, top-notch edu­ca­tional oppor­tu­nities, and scenic beauty.” 

On top of that, Stockford noted devel­opment in housing and infra­structure, as well as rising wages and expanding busi­nesses throughout the city.

“These are all pre­cursors to a tremendous uptick in the economy,” Stockford said. “We have the makings of a great com­munity, but no one is going to know that unless we shout it to the rafters.”

Pre­cision Gage is one company that recently joined the Indus­trial Park in Hillsdale. Pre­cision Gage spe­cializes in CNC machining and the man­u­facture of tooling, fix­tures, and gages. They supply products to the auto­motive and medical indus­tries, but are also readily adaptable to other cus­tomer needs. Pre­cision Gage is a sub­sidiary of Metal Tech­nologies. According to the Pres­ident and Chief Exec­utive Officer of Metal Tech­nologies Matt Fetter, Pre­cision Gage is adding 25,000 square feet of machining floor space to its existing 95,000 square feet of man­u­fac­turing space.

“This expansion enables Pre­cision Gage to grow its pre­cision machining oper­a­tions to better serve our cus­tomers,” Fetter said. “We plan on growing the work­force and hiring at all levels, from entry level posi­tions to expe­ri­enced machinists, as we grow the business.” 

Metal Tech­nologies is a family-owned and operated company that employs over 1,200 people in four dif­ferent states across the Midwest and the Rust Belt. 

“The tal­ented and qual­ified Hillsdale work­force, com­bined with state and local tax incen­tives encour­aging local investment, made the decision to expand in Hillsdale straight­forward,” Fetter said. 

Dow Auto­motive is another company located in Hillsdale’s Indus­trial Park. Dow Auto­motive has been in Hillsdale for nearly 40 years, and like Pre­cision Gage, they too, have seen the effects of the Hillsdale economy. Dow Auto­motive sup­plies glass bonding and struc­tural adhe­sives to the auto­motive industry. The Hillsdale Site Manager of Dow Auto­motive Rob Shier, said, “We are happy that the region is doing well and we’re proud to be part of that success.” 

According to Shier, the Hillsdale location of Dow Auto­motive is cur­rently adding capacity to meet the demand for the adhe­sives they manufacture.

“We have always had a good rela­tionship with the City of Hillsdale and happily support the com­munity where we live and work,” Shier said. 

The mayor has high hopes for the growing economy in Hillsdale, he said. 

“I think the eco­nomic growth in Hillsdale is a result of a con­certed effort by countless people, from local busi­ness­people and office holders, state leg­is­lators, the Gov­ernor, and yes, even the pres­ident,” Stockford said.