Hillsdale Sailing Club placed third in its first regatta on Sept. 15 and 16. Facebook

The recently-founded Hillsdale College Sailing Club placed third during its first official Regatta of the year on Sept. 15 and 16.  

This impressive feat was accom­plished in part at the hands of Leahi Johsens, a sophomore who has been with the team since its recent con­ception. The Hillsdale crew beat out large schools at the Fall 2018 Sloop Cham­pi­onship, including the Uni­versity of Michigan and one of Indiana University’s two teams. The Detroit Yacht Club has hosted the event for the past 40 years.

Johsens served as skipper of the three-man crew, her first time. Her duties entailed being in charge of “the tiller, which steers the boat, working the main sail and com­mu­ni­cating with her crew while making direc­tional and strategy deci­sions,” she said.

Johsens had never sailed before coming to Hillsdale.

The Sailing Club was only “made official this last January in the eyes of the Inter­col­le­giate Sailing Asso­ci­ation and the College,” according to senior Pearce Pomerleau, co-founder of the Sailing Club.