The new women’s dorm, which is yet unnamed, houses 55 res­i­dents and will feature a student-run coffee shop. Carmel Kookogey | Col­legian

One of several building projects on campus, a new dor­mitory for upper­classmen women was con­structed this summer. While con­struction was still underway, the college admin­is­tration and stu­dents called it the “New Dorm.” 

But now it is com­plete with  stu­dents living in it, yet the building is still only known as “New Dorm.” 

Even if the college is planning to give the dorm a  per­manent name later, this is equiv­alent to for­getting to dis­mantle scaf­folding. The college ought to give some iden­tifier to the dorm beyond its project name.

The admin­is­tration may intend the name “New Dorm” to be tem­porary, but no one knows for sure that that will be the case. According to past Col­legian articles, it took seven years to name McIntyre Res­i­dence and 11 years for Simpson Res­i­dence. 

The sit­u­ation here might be similar. If the college decides to build another dor­mitory, it will have run out of descrip­tions. 

A simple solution would be to give the res­i­dence hall a geo­graphic name. Before McIntyre and Simpson had those names, they were called North and West Res­i­dences, respec­tively. Though New Dorm is not at the far­thest end of campus, it is far enough east of Central Hall that “East Res­i­dence” would work well. Alter­na­tively, “Union Street Res­i­dence” or some vari­ation of that name would also suffice.

If the college refuses to give the building a proper name, the stu­dents ought to do so. Res­i­dents of the dorm should vote on a geo­graphic name or start exper­i­menting with dif­ferent names  until one sticks. Even if that chosen name is not perfect, it will still be better than the current one.

Tom Ryskamp is a senior studying music and accounting.

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