A first edition copy of Pro­fessor of History Brad Birzer’s new book “In Defense of Andrew Jackson.” Alexis Nester | Col­legian

Bradley Birzer, pro­fessor of history and Russell Amos Kirk chair in American Studies, released his sixth biog­raphy, “In Defense of Andrew Jackson,” on Tuesday.

After working out a con­tract with Harry Crocker of Regnery Pub­lishing in April 2017, Birzer ordered all of Jackson’s pub­lished papers and began to read. With the support of his wife, history lec­turer Dedra Birzer, he wrote five to eight hours a day and com­pleted a man­u­script four months later.

“It’s the fastest book I’ve ever written, for better or for worse,” Birzer said in an email.

Since arriving at Hillsdale in 1999, Birzer has taught many classes on American history, including Jack­sonian America, the American Founding, the American West, and U.S. Eco­nomic History.

“I’ve been inter­ested in the time period as far back as I can remember,” Birzer said, “but I only recently became intensely inter­ested in Andrew Jackson as a person.”

Birzer said the era was important for many reasons — from the first rail­roads and start of indus­tri­al­ization, to westward expansion and dis­agree­ments over slavery, and revivals in American art, lit­er­ature, and religion.

Senior Brooke Sabina, who is double majoring in English and history, is cur­rently taking Birzer’s Jack­sonian-era history class. Sabina said Birzer has a “tremendous memory for inter­esting details” about this period in American history.

“Birzer is pas­sionate about that period,” Sabina said. “He has a beau­tiful excitement and joy sharing every­thing that goes on during that time — from the 3,500 miles of expansion to the battle of New Orleans.”

According to an article Birzer wrote for The Imag­i­native Con­ser­v­ative, he received many neg­ative reac­tions after releasing the book’s title.

“He’s the symbol for the whole age, and since he first emerged on the public scene in the late 1790s, Amer­icans have either hated him or loved him,” Birzer said of Jackson. “He was as brutal as he was honest. And he was very brutal.”

History Department Chair Mark Kalthoff said Hillsdale’s history department releases an average of three books per year, however Birzer’s book marks the fourth they have

released in 2018. Pro­fessor of History Thomas Conner’s book on the history of battle mon­u­ments in the United States will be released later this month.

On Sept. 25, pro­fessor Bradley Birzer will host a lecture on his new book. The lecture will begin at 7 p.m. in the Dow Center Con­ference rooms A and B. After the lecture, copies of his book will be for sale, and Birzer will be available to sign copies.