College Repub­licans hosted the first of their monthly mixers for campus net­working on Sept. 5. Isabella Redjai | Col­legian

The Hillsdale College Repub­licans have announced that they will be hosting monthly mixers throughout the school year as a way to network with stu­dents, as well as com­munity members.

Around 250 people came to the first mixer held on Sept. 5. The mixer was an ice cream social on the quad, and all of the ice cream was donated by Mackinac Island Creamery.

“It was a very good kick-off to the year,” Senior Ross Hatley, the former pres­ident of College Repub­licans, said.

Hatley and Wheeler both expressed grat­itude for the gen­erosity of Mackinac Island Creamery.

“Jon Beckwith, from The Mackinac Island Creamery, is a really out­standing guy,” Wheeler said. “He loves the CRs in our mission, so he was willing to just provide some ice cream because we thought it was a great idea just to get all of our mem­bership together, even people who aren’t members, just to come out and have some ice cream.”

Sophomore Aidan Wheeler, the acting pres­ident of CR, said the purpose of the mixers is to encourage everyone on campus, not just stu­dents inter­ested in pol­itics, to socialize with one another.

“The beginning of the month mixers are com­pletely unre­lated to pol­itics or fundraising,” Wheeler said. “They’re just our monthly get-together and a way to use our mem­bership to do some­thing good or hangout.”

Hatley said the monthly mixers are a way to carry out the club’s mission statement on campus.

“The mission is to create leaders among our peers at Hillsdale and connect them to the political arena in order to change, of course, America,” Hatley said. “These mixers are the first step to meeting folks and getting them involved. From there, we can create, connect, change; that is our formula.”

Sophomore Dennis Fassett, who is the trea­surer of Cit­izens for Self-Gov­er­nance, said he thinks the mixers are great oppor­tu­nities for dif­ferent political clubs to share ideas.

“I think it’s the next step for political clubs on campus to start to work together, to get more people involved, and express that clubs aren’t nec­es­sarily exclusive from one another,” Fassett said. “You can be part of mul­tiple clubs if they’re still in line with your political views.”

Sophomore Max Trokye, is not a member of CR, but he said he was able to branch out from his typical friend group and talk to people he had never met by attending the event.

“I got the chance to talk to a few people, mostly freshmen, who I hadn’t met yet and ask them about what they’re inter­ested in, about campus, and what they’ve been doing so far,” Troyke said, “It was a great oppor­tunity for me to meet a lot of dif­ferent people, as well as people that I hadn’t really con­nected with.”

According to Hatley, stu­dents can expect CR to host more out­reach and social events throughout the year.

“We are a big orga­ni­zation with room for everybody,” Hatley said. “We exist to serve, and we’re always looking to bring more people in and do more things.”

Wheeler said there will be another mixer within the first two weeks of October, though a date has not yet been decided.  

Fasset and Troyke each expressed interest in attending future CR events.

“I’m excited to see what they do this year,” Troyke said.

Hatley said he looks forward to using these mixers as a way to build rela­tion­ships with incoming classes.

“These are the folks that we are here to serve, and these are the folks that we exist to empower and create that next gen­er­ation of statesmen,” he said.