Caylee McComb | Courtesy

Sat­urday marks the beginning of the Hillsdale Chargers’ swimming season as the team will swim in its Blue/White inter­squad scrimmage. The team has been hard at work preparing for the season with daily prac­tices and a team retreat, all while accli­mating the new freshmen to the fast-paced, intense world of Charger swimming.

The Blue/White is the team’s first non-com­pet­itive event of the year. In prepa­ration for the season ahead, the swimmers will compete against one another for the best race times in both indi­vidual medley (IM) and indi­vidual stroke races.

“This first scrimmage gives us a taste of a meet atmos­phere on home turf without the pressure of points,” senior Grace Houghton said. “It lets upper­classmen get their heads back in the game, and eases the under­classmen into a college team expe­rience. It gives the girls a taste of the team bond you can have at the college level.”

The Chargers’ com­pet­itive season will begin at home on Oct. 6 against Dav­enport Uni­versity, fol­lowed by an away meet at Grand Valley State Uni­versity on Oct. 19. 

“I’m looking forward to trav­eling with my team and getting to know the new freshmen,” sophomore Hannah Wilkens said. “I’m espe­cially excited for another year in the new con­ference. Now that we have a feel for what it’s like, we can really go in there and finally beat [the Uni­versity of Findlay].” 

Wilkens mainly com­petes in IM races, alter­nating between freestyle, but­terfly, breast­stroke, and back­stroke in a 100 to 400 meter race length.

Junior Caylee McComb is also looking forward to wel­coming the newest class of swimmers to the family.

“I’m excited to see the progress the team makes throughout the year,” McComb said. “Hope­fully, it ends with a con­ference cham­pi­onship win.” 

McComb mainly com­petes in sprint freestyle events, such as the 50 and 100 yard race. 

This year, the Chargers have wel­comed six freshmen to the squad. The upper­classmen are looking forward to seeing what the new­comers can con­tribute to the team and are excited to see them adjust to the team dynamic with more members.

The Blue/White will be a helpful indi­cator of the team’s strengths and weak­nesses entering the com­pet­itive season. The Chargers are deter­mined to take the G‑MAC by storm, enjoy some valuable team bonding, and make some great mem­ories along the way.