Left to right freshman Amber Mango and sophomore Lauren Peterson compete in East Lansing, Michigan on Friday

The Greater Louisville Classic is “one of the most highly attended college and high school cross country events in the United States,” according to its website.

On Sat­urday„ the women’s cross country team will be trav­eling to Ken­tucky to run in the highly antic­i­pated meet, racing in its second 5k of the season. They will be racing in the gold division for the women at 10:15 a.m.

The course has been home to several con­ference and regional events, and even 11 NCAA cham­pi­onship meets, making it a great way for teams to prepare for the approaching cham­pi­onship season. 

Over 90 schools ranging from NCAA Division I to the com­munity college level are reg­is­tered to compete in the event. Last year the Chargers took second in the Division II section, falling only to Grand Valley. 

Not only is this course popular and well-attended, the land­scape lends itself to great success for the runners. Sophomore Maryssa Depies said she is looking forward to going back to Louisville this year.

“Actually I just really like the course,” Depies said. “It makes a lot of dif­ference when the ground is hard and the dirt is really packed down, so you have the potential to run really fast, so I would like to do that. It would be fun to go out and run a cross country [per­sonal record].”

Sophomore Christina Sawyer ran the 5k race in 18 minutes, 11.7 seconds on this course in 2017, and is going to do her best to achieve another per­sonal record, she said. With a season opener of 18:28.0 back in August, her potential to do so is great.

“I’m just excited because it’s our first really big travel meet and it’s a good course with a lot of good com­pe­tition,” she said. “I think the other Division II teams in our race are who we’re going after. Grand Valley will probably be there, so we just want to do well against the other teams in our division.” 

After dealing with a lower leg injury for week nows, freshman Sophia Maeda said she is hoping to get back on the course. Although she may just do a workout, she is still looking forward to trav­eling to Louisville with the team.

“Trav­eling with the team will be a new expe­rience, so I’m really excited,” she said. “They told me they just travel and go to bed, but I’m still excited.”