Hillsdale College Women’s Tennis team. Corrine Prost | Courtesy

Over a hot, sunny weekend, the Hillsdale Chargers gained expe­rience in indi­vidual match play at the ITA Regional Cham­pi­onships. The team com­peted against schools from across the Midwest in the G-MAC, GLIAC, and GLVC.

Senior Corinne Prost and junior Katie Bell won the A doubles con­so­lation draw. After losing 8 – 6 to the Uni­versity of Indi­anapolis in the first round of A doubles, Prost and Bell went on to win all three matches in the con­so­lation draw, capping it off with a 8 – 4 win over Walsh Uni­versity on Sunday.

“Despite under­going a lot this weekend outside in the heat, Katie and I managed to remain steady and out-rally our oppo­nents,” Prost said. “Our con­sis­tency made the dif­ference, espe­cially in Sunday’s doubles matches.”

Prost and Bell played hard matches in the singles draws in between their doubles per­for­mance. Bell went 2 – 2 in singles, exiting the A singles draw at the con­so­lation round of eight. Prost left the B singles draw in the round of sixteen, but not before winning her first match 6 – 1, 6 – 0. 

“I found that I handled her shot selection with more ease than I did in the second match,” Prost said. “I made more use of net play and her mis­takes off of my serves.”

In her first col­le­giate match, freshman Sarah Hackman came back from an 0 – 6 first set to win the second set 6 – 1 and then the tiebreak 10 – 4.

“I was quite tight due to nerves but through the second set I was able to play my style of tennis and turn the match around in my favor,” Hackman said. 

Coming off that tiring match against Indi­anapolis, Hackman lost to GVSU freshman Vera Griva 6 – 4, 6 – 2. 

“The hot tem­per­a­tures over the weekend made it tougher to play so many matches,” Hackman said, “but overall it was an great way to start out college tennis and a lot of fun to get to know the whole team better over the weekend.”

To prepare for the NWO tour­nament, the team is focusing on playing matches, according to Prost. 

“We’ve backed away from drilling for these next few weeks, and added on set-play in both doubles and singles,” she said. 

She thinks it will help players play through mental mis­takes that popped up in matches this past weekend, some­thing sophomore Elli For­mentin hopes to improve.

“Getting the oppor­tunity to work on strategies and the mental aspect will be helpful in the upcoming tour­nament,” For­mentin said.

  • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

    They’re the team to beat again this season in the GMAC. Lots of talent on this squad.