Hillsdale College football circa 1988 (Col­legian)

Lack of Spirit: A Guest Editorial

Edi­torial (Hillsdale Col­legian: Sep­tember 29, 1988)

Dear Student Body,

Four years ago we came to Hillsdale College as freshmen, excited to embark upon our college career with all the enthu­siasm of most freshman, and most impor­tantly, to attend college football games. Warm, sunny Sat­urday after­noons, sitting in the bleachers, lis­tening to the marching bands, screaming cheers, a typical college football game. For any of you who have attended Uni­versity of Michigan football games, you under­stand the excitement. The football team has just fin­ished warm-ups and the marching band is about to enter the stadium. The sound system crackles. Then, with a burst of enthu­siasm, the announcer rises above the screams with that trademark phrase. “Laaadiees annnd gen­tle­mennn..”


Well, we were deter­mined to do some­thing about it. The best way, we decided, was to get the Pep Band orga­nized again. This was a limited success at first, but we kept at it for two years and reached a high-point at last year’s Home­coming game. Those of you who were there will remember a Pep Band of over twenty people actually playing and marching across the field.

Now let’s return to the reality of 1988. The setting: Muddy Water’s Stadium, the date: Sep­tember 3, the crowd: DULL!!! (or should we say typical?)

Well folks, we’re sick of it. Freshmen, you can be the class that trans­forms Charger football games from a threehour study hall into a living nightmare for the opposing team.

Our goal: Home­coming October 8, 1988, the setting: Muddy Water’s Stadium, specif­i­cally, the north end of the home bleachers (not the end-zone bleachers). For those of you who sat near us for the last home game … you ain’t seen nothing, yet. Please respect the formal dress require­ments — Charger blue (blue hair optional), a noise­maker of some type (cowbell, rocks in a can), and be ready to scream.

Here is our chal­lenge: if we are loud enough and get a warning by the ref­erees because the opposing team can’t hear the signals… we will spend the night in a tent in the quad.

Look for more info as game date approaches. We will be meeting before the game at the music building for a little rally and then all walk down together.


Steve Johnson

Greg Bailey