Delp Hall | Wiki­media Commons

The shock of first-day-of-class syllabi is wearing off into the day-to-day grind. As the rubber hits the road — or, more lit­erally, the backside of a pencil hits the math homework —  it’s tempting to take the blows of tests and bad grades with an “I was told I’d be average, what can I do?” attitude.

There is some­thing more you can do: Get up and go to office hours.

Hillsdale pro­fessors are stellar. The Princeton Review ranked their acces­si­bility No. 16 in the nation this year — and that’s because Hillsdale stu­dents said they were. Our pro­fessors think deeply and speak elo­quently, and most of all, they care about their sub­jects and their stu­dents.

This is a time for you to listen and ask ques­tions. You probably won’t prove your intel­li­gence in office hours. Your thesis statement will wither, your analysis of Aristotle’s “Ethics” will flounder before the philoso­phers of Delp Hall.

But you will show your char­acter. An office hours visit takes humility, and it shows you care. You’re willing to sac­rifice your own time to learn from someone greater.

You’ll come away smarter, maybe with a better grade on the horizon. But, more important, you’ll have formed some kind of rela­tionship. You’re at Hillsdale to grow spir­i­tually and morally, not just intel­lec­tually. Go to office hours, and make your time here count.

The opinion of the Col­legian edi­torial staff.