Center of Family Health — Hillsdale on West Car­leton Road will close Friday due to low numbers and Hillsdale Hos­pital will take over the building. Josephine von Dohlen | Col­legian


With the Center for Family Health-Hillsdale on West Car­leton Road closing on Friday, the building’s doors will shut, but not for long.

Hillsdale Hos­pital plans to fill the building with spe­cialty ser­vices in the near future.

“It’s a beau­tiful building and it’s in a prime location for Hillsdale Hos­pital,” Jeremiah Hod­shire, director of orga­ni­za­tional devel­opment at Hillsdale Hos­pital, said.

Due to low numbers, the Center for Family Health announced June 19 that the Hillsdale center would close Aug. 31.

“We are sad­dened to close our health center in Hillsdale, and we reached the decision very reluc­tantly,” Molly Kaser, CEO of the Center for Family Health, said in a news statement.

The Center for Family Health opened its Hillsdale location in 2015. The Jackson-based center is fed­erally qual­ified and brings primary medical care and dental ser­vices in Jackson County as well as medical care to Hillsdale County, according to the center’s website.

The center paid fair-market value for the building, since Hillsdale Hos­pital owned the place and used it for primary care physi­cians prior to the center opening a location in Hillsdale.

Terry Langston, director of com­mu­ni­ca­tions and advocacy at the Center for Family Health, said that the Hillsdale center pro­vided family med­icine ser­vices.

“They pro­vided all ser­vices an indi­vidual would need to stay healthy,” he said.

Hillsdale Hos­pital has orga­nized a task force to determine what spe­cialty ser­vices will set up office in the building and hopes to have a clearer plan within the next 30 days.

Langston said that the center had to bring ser­vices to 950 people a year in order to remain open.

“We need the number to be finan­cially stable,” he said.

A Feb­ruary report from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Reg­u­latory Affairs, bureau of Com­munity and Health Ser­vices had The Center for Family Health — Hillsdale listed as the only Fed­erally Qual­ified Health Center provider in Hillsdale County.

While Hillsdale’s location of Center for Family Health will close, their patients will not be left behind.

Langston said that the center will provide a shuttle service from Hillsdale to the Jackson location for Hillsdale patients.

“We will provide trans­portation at no cost,” Langston said.

This will allow patients to con­tinue to receive the level of care that they were pre­vi­ously receiving at the center.

“We have seen an increase in Hillsdale primary care sites,” Kaser said. “This, coupled with our own low number of patients being seen at our Hillsdale site, are factors that have resulted in our decision to con­sol­idate our health center sites to make the best use of our resources.”

Seven centers within the Center for Family Health will remain open, pro­viding care ranging from primary to dental to pre­natal care.