Nolan Ryan36 minutes ago The ren­o­va­tions to the top floor of Lane Hall will serve as faculty offices for assistant and adjunct pro­fessors. Isabella Redjai | Col­legian

Stum­bling into the top floor of Lane Hall last spring semester, one might find antique fur­niture, stacks of vintage com­posites, or pho­tographs of Central Hall. Now the space has been replaced by new offices for assistant and adjunct pro­fessors.

As assistant and adjunct pro­fessors have shared offices and exhausted the space in Delp Hall and across campus, the admin­is­tration found the space available in the attic of Lane could be repur­posed.

“This spring the provost’s office notified me of the need of more full-time faculty offices for the fall semester,” said Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Richard Péwé. “The work started in June and con­cluded a few weeks ago after the fire marshal approval.”

Foulke Con­struction is running the new ren­o­va­tions and has repli­cated the layout of Kendall Hall’s fourth floor offices, but with a twist.

“Rather than create two more seminar class­rooms, which according to room-use data were not needed, the college created two sizable spaces for adjunct faculty,” Péwé said. “Lane will have room for 10 full-time offices and about 12 to 15 spaces for adjuncts.”

Addi­tionally, one private office is available for testing and private meetings with stu­dents.

The increased number of spaces for adjuncts will not result in an expanded faculty, though, according to Péwé.

As pro­fessors move their belongings to the new space, they appear to be opti­mistic for the change. Final con­struc­tions are underway, and instructors have yet to offi­cially move into their new offices.

“I know that we are running out of room in Delp for office space, so this change was nec­essary,” Assistant Pro­fessor of English Andrew Brown said. “As long as I can conduct my office hours and meet with stu­dents, I have no problem with the change. I will do every­thing I can to make it work.”

The fur­niture for the new offices was scheduled to arrive on Friday, Aug. 24, bringing the project closer to com­pletion.

As this new fur­niture comes in and the archives go out, Hillsdale’s anti­quated art and fur­niture have found new homes.

“Some mate­rials — museum-like objects, paintings, chairs, and other things — that we phys­i­cally want to keep but don’t need to keep out are in a climate-con­trolled area in Jackson,” Mossey Library Public Service Librarian Linda Moore said.

Certain archival items from various time periods of the college’s exis­tence, such as extra Winona year­books, original college cat­a­logues, and pho­tographs, were moved to the Fowler Main­te­nance building for the library’s easy access.

Other items, which could be used for the library’s archive col­lec­tions and exhibits — for example, the poet Will Carleton’s exhibit, cur­rently in progress — were moved to the library for the project’s pur­poses.

“Although some of the items from Lane’s attic still need to be added to the database, the thing is, the most important doc­u­ments and pho­tographs are dig­i­tally available to stu­dents on our online archives,” Moore said.

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