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For many stu­dents with busy schedules, the new lunch option in Kendall Hall, Café Fresco, has been a welcome reprieve.

As stu­dents, we often com­plain about issues on our campus. Although these com­plaints are some­times valid, a solution can be hard to come by. Bon Appétit Man­agement Co. addressed some of our com­plaints in the form of Café Fresco, and we all ought to thank them for it.

There are around 1,000 – 1,200 stu­dents who go to the Knorr Dining Hall on any given weekday for lunch, said William Persson ’17, Bon Appétit’s mar­keting manager at Hillsdale. Café Fresco, in its first five days open, has averaged around 200 stu­dents per lunch period.

For stu­dents dreading the long lines during the mass migration to the dining hall after 11 a.m. classes release, Café Fresco offers a short wait, but plenty of options. There are even dining hall cookies available for dessert.

Although the grab ’n’ go option is a nice alter­native to a dining hall rush hour, Persson said Café Fresco has also reached a whole new demo­graphic: the stu­dents with a hectic class schedule who would nor­mally skip lunch alto­gether.

“There’s def­i­nitely some transfer from the dining hall, but it’s not like we’re losing 200 people from the dining hall,” Persson said. “We’re reaching a dif­ferent audience of people.”

Café Fresco also serves as an option for people on block meal plans to double-swipe and grab food for later, if they don’t have time to get dinner.

It’s easy to com­plain and get angry when nothing is done about a legit­imate issue on campus. Bon Appétit made it easier to get a nutri­tious lunch in the midst of our busy schedules, and we should acknowledge the hard work that made it pos­sible.