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Two dorms will join the wave of ren­o­va­tions sweeping across campus. Waterman and Nied­feldt res­i­dences are set to get various fea­tures ren­o­vated over the course of the summer. These ren­o­va­tions follow a series of updates to several other dor­mi­tories.
There is a loose schedule the college keeps for dorm ren­o­va­tions, according to Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Richard Péwé.
“We have a schedule which is used as a planning tool,” he said. “We budget accord­ingly, but adjust­ments get made. Some­times another imme­diate need will require waiting another year for some­thing else on the schedule.”
Various aspects of dorm ren­o­va­tions run on a timeline. Every three years, the inte­riors get painted. From then on, the pos­sible ren­o­va­tions are reviewed at the 10,- 15-, 30-, and 40-year marks. The ren­o­va­tions get more detailed and intense each time.
“Last summer we gave Whitley the 30-year treatment, and this summer we are going to do the same for Nied­feldt,” Péwé said in an email. “Waterman was on the schedule for the summer of 2019, but we moved it up after con­sulting with Super­in­tendent of Buildings and Util­ities Dave Billington and the deans.”
Waterman will be ren­o­vated by the college itself, but an outside con­tractor will be hired to com­plete the ren­o­va­tions for Nied­feldt, according to Péwé.
“Typ­i­cally projects that take a few months or more will go to an outside con­tractor,” he said in an email. “We get several com­pet­itive bids when we go to outside con­tractors. We balance the scope, cost, and time involved.”
Waterman Head Res­ident Assistant Chloe Kookogey, a junior, has kept in contact with Dean of Women Diane Philipp and Asso­ciate Dean of Women Rebekah Dell about con­cerns with the dorm. In addition to being the head RA, Kookogey also acts as the student house director, so she has the respon­si­bility to bringing main­te­nance con­cerns to the deans and the main­te­nance office.
“I’ve brought dif­ferent things to light and raised issues with things that are broken in the house,” she said. “I com­mu­ni­cated that to Miss Dell and Dean Philipp. They’ve had it in the back of their minds for a while, so I don’t think this is any­thing brand new, but it’s nice to see the ball finally rolling to get these ren­o­va­tions in place.”
Kookogey says the dorm ren­o­va­tions will be a help to Waterman’s com­munity.
“The ren­o­va­tions can’t help, but bring Waterman closer,” she said. “It allows Waterman to retain all of the charm that it has of a small house. The number of res­i­dents will not change; it won’t be expanding. But several issues that have come up over the years will finally be attended to.”
This summer, Waterman will get new paint, flooring, and kitchen cup­boards, as well as remodeled bath­rooms, according to Kookogey.
“The bath­rooms have been the primary concern,” she said. “It will be so much more con­ve­nient to not deal with showers that are per­pet­ually ice cold. All of these things will make living in Waterman a lot more con­ve­nient.”
Nied­feldt will be getting similar ren­o­va­tions between semesters, including new carpets. Head Res­ident Assistant junior Alexander Green said most of the ren­o­va­tions will be in the rooms as opposed to the lobby. Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffery “Chief” Rogers informed him of the dorm ren­o­va­tions, which will be a “face-lift,” according to Green.
“It can often be a deterrent to be in the dorm just because of how it looks,” he said. “I lived in Simpson freshman year, so it was nice to have a dorm that was new. I felt really priv­i­leged to be in there. The ren­o­vation is going to be really nice for the freshmen coming in, but also for people who don’t know what a new dorm is like. They will be able to have new things.”

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    “The bath­rooms have been the primary concern,” she said. “It will be so much more con­ve­nient to not deal with showers that are per­pet­ually ice cold. All of these things will make living in Waterman a lot more con­ve­nient.”

    My Goodness! You have to have hot water in the morning in Michigan, espe­cially in the win­tertime. This must be a pri­ority item, I wouldn’t let them the Main­ten­nance Department rest until this was cor­rected.