Rep­re­sen­ta­tives from Cit­izens for Self-Gov­er­nance (top row) interns James Neslon, Chase Ray, and Corey Rogan, as well as Hillsdale sophomore Jack McPherson, and (bottom row) Pres­ident Mark Meckler and Hillsdale sophomore Weston Boardman all attended the 1789 Alliance summit in March. Weston Boardman | Courtesy

In terms of grass­roots, the 1789 Alliance has it covered.

Sopho­mores Weston Boardman and Jack McPherson rep­re­sented the Hillsdale chapter of Cit­izens for Self-Gov­er­nance, an orga­ni­zation that pro­motes the idea of a Con­vention of States, at a 1789 Alliance summit March 22 – 24 in Kansas City, Mis­souri. Boardman and McPherson joined three other interns in attending the summit, sharing ideas and com­paring tactics with other grass­roots political orga­ni­za­tions from around the country.

The 1789 Alliance was founded to help local grass­roots orga­ni­za­tions connect and share strategies. It was espe­cially helpful, Boardman said, to gain tips about social media and internet adver­tising from a group called Reclaim New York. The interns were able to con­tribute to the summit with their knowledge of fundraising.

“Everyone there wanted to see each other succeed,” Boardman said. “Overall, it was really inspiring.”

Boardman was hired as the intern coor­di­nator for Con­vention of States in December, and he hired his first four interns this December. He said he works to make the internship program a unique expe­rience.

“Inter­acting with the head of an orga­ni­zation that has 3.2 million vol­un­teers, you’re not going to get that any­where else,” Boardman said.

McPherson, one of Boardman’s interns, said he has enjoyed the expe­rience.

“It’s been nothing but a pleasure,” McPherson said, adding that the summit made him much more opti­mistic about the future of pol­itics. “The expe­rience was awesome. I was really encouraged.”

The interns also made a pos­itive impression on grass­roots leaders from around the nation, according to Andrew Kerr, pres­ident of the 1789 Alliance.

“A lot of the groups that were there enjoyed speaking with everybody from Hillsdale,” Kerr said. “I think that they were really well-rep­re­sented at our gath­ering.”

Some of the groups rep­re­sented included Con­vention of States Action, Empower Texans, Reclaim New York, and Prin­ciples of Liberty.

“I’m def­i­nitely opti­mistic about the future,” Kerr said. “I think that grass­roots-ori­ented orga­ni­za­tions will play a big role in that.”