The Cre­ative Writing Club will host a “Poetry Out Loud!” night at A.J.’s Café on April 19 from 7 – 10 p.m. Facebook.

Student Fed­er­ation approved $180 for a poetry night hosted by Hillsdale College Cre­ative Writing Club and $600 for the GOAL Program meal packing event.
The Cre­ative Writing Club will host a “Poetry Out Loud!” night at A.J.’s Café on April 19 from 7 – 10 p.m. Stu­dents are encouraged to read their own poetry or their favorite poems by other authors at the event.  
The club asked for $180 to cover the cost of food, drinks, and banner sup­plies. Before the request, the club had not pursued any alter­na­tives for funding. The fed­er­ation approved $150 and rec­om­mended the club find addi­tional sources of funding for the next year.
Cre­ative Writing Club Pres­ident junior Isaiah Scheuer expressed relief over the decision.
“I was extremely grateful and relieved to hear that they would be funding us this year,” Scheuer told The Col­legian. “It had been a very stressful week up to that point, what with trying to arrange every­thing while being unsure where our funding would be coming from, so hearing that the fed­er­ation was going to help us out was a huge relief.”
GOAL made the next request came for their meal-packing event; college stu­dents pack the meals and send them to a school in Haiti. GOAL is not con­sidered a club on campus, so the request needed to be sent a month in advance and required a two-thirds vote.
The event itself pro­vides a unique oppor­tunity according to GOAL Program Director senior Allison Deckert.
“We do not receive edu­cation in char­acter in order to sit around and think about what virtues like gen­erosity, com­passion, coop­er­ation, kindness, unity, and service look like in action, but in order to act them out,” Deckert said in an email. “All the vol­un­teering oppor­tu­nities facil­i­tated by the GOAL Program serve this end, but this event pro­vides the chance for many stu­dents to gather in practice of char­acter and sac­rifice.”
The finance com­mittee rec­om­mended that the fed­er­ation give $600 to GOAL from the phil­an­thropy fund. The phil­an­thropy fund is sep­arate from the general fund, which is from student fees. Every year, the student fed­er­ation hosts an event devoted to raising funds for their phil­an­thropy fund.
Student Fed Vice Pres­ident senior Nicholas Conger explained this dis­tinction.
“We cur­rently have $600 in our phil­an­thropic fund which was raised last semester during the student federation’s phil­an­thropic event,” Conger said. “We will be hosting the 2017 – 2018 fed­er­ation phil­an­thropic event within the next three to five meetings and that money given to GOAL will be recu­perated.”