The Not Lost Just Wan­dering team won the first-ever Hillsdale edition of the Amazing Race, a version of the popular tele­vision show hosted by the Student Activ­ities Board on April 7. Michelle Boykin | Courtesy

With 10 stops and 10 teams,  The Not Lost Just Wan­dering team had a chal­lenge to come out on top in the first-ever Hillsdale edition of “The Amazing Race,” a version of the popular tele­vision show hosted by the Student Activ­ities Board on April 7.

Not Lost Just Wan­dering raced against nine other teams, with 50 stu­dents total, in a scav­enger hunt throughout campus, the cities of Hillsdale and Jonesville.

The SAB cre­ative assistant, sophomore Mollie Dill, brought the idea of hosting an Amazing Race event to a brain­storming session at the end of last year.

“We thought it would be a really cool thing to do to stim­ulate the cre­ativity of the stu­dents and have a super fun and com­pet­itive atmos­phere,” Dill said.

A few of the loca­tions along the scav­enger hunt included a trip to Market House Super­market, Mossey Library, and The Udder Side. While at the Market House Super­market, teams were given a list of grocery items and their prices to find. The total of all the prices served as the clue, telling them the address of their next location. While at the library, com­petitors were given a call number which would lead them to their next clue. As the teams headed to The Udder Side, they had to pick one team member to eat a medium-sized cup of ice cream.

The Hillsdale women’s bas­ketball team carried their coop­er­ation on the court to campus. The team con­sisted of captain senior Michele Boykin, freshman Clare Mitchell, senior Jessica De Gree, senior Allie Dewire, and junior Brittany Gray.  

“We all kind of knew each other’s strengths. Jess is good at knowing the city and solving clues. Brittany ate the ice cream. She doesn’t really like sweets, but she didn’t com­plain. Allie was our driver,” Boykin said. “Whoever was the closest to the clue would figure out what to do. We all had our own little jobs throughout the race.”

Junior Andres Torres also led his team, The Incred­ibles,  to fifth place. The Incred­ibles con­sisted of Torres, freshmen Veronica Endris, Tom Howell, and Barrett Moore, and junior Michael Whitman.

“It seemed really inter­esting and like a good way to spend a Sat­urday,” Torres said. “Barrett ate the ice cream for us. He may or may not have gotten a couple brain freezes.”

Boykin said the Amazing Race was a great team bonding expe­rience.

“I’ve watched the show and it’s some­thing we’ve always wanted to do,” Boykin said. “My favorite part was just kind of hanging out with my friends outside of bas­ketball and the school envi­ronment in general, and going through Hillsdale to places I hadn’t been before.”