The Student Activ­ities Board will present a special “Hillsdale Edition” of The Amazing Race. Wiki­media Commons.

This weekend, the Student Activ­ities Board will present a special “Hillsdale Edition” of The Amazing Race, leading stu­dents and their teams through a variety of loca­tions and clues across campus and downtown Hillsdale.

The Amazing Race teams will meet at the Roche Sports Complex on April 7, from 1 to 3 p.m. The Amazing Race is most com­monly known for its popular tele­vision series, where indi­viduals travel the world to com­plete chal­lenges.

For the “Amazing Race: Hillsdale Edition,” 10 teams, com­prised of five stu­dents each, will explore 10 unique loca­tions asso­ciated with their own chal­lenge and clues leading them to their next spot.

“The scav­enger hunt will be around the com­munity, both off and on campus, as we partner with local busi­nesses,” Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Landherr said. “Locals wanted to get involved so we found ways to incor­porate them into the Amazing Race.”

A special prize will be offered to the winning team, but both the end location and prize remain secret, according to Landherr.

As sign-ups are already full, SAB says fellow stu­dents are welcome to join and watch their friends as they com­plete chal­lenges.

“We have chosen places that per­fectly encap­sulate our town and the busi­nesses that make it unique,” SAB member and sophomore Mollie Dill said. “We hope that this will inspire stu­dents to go out and expe­rience their town and all of the won­derful things it has to offer.”