Ping Pong Pexels | Courtesy

Sunday afternoon found the Grewcock Student Union filled with the sounds of table tennis as Nied­feldt Res­i­dence hosted its third annual charity ping pong tour­nament. The pro­ceeds went to the Huntsman Cancer Foun­dation.

The event doubled the pre­vious year’s totals, raising around $120. The Sigma Chi  fra­ternity part­nered with the men’s res­i­dence, letting the dorm handle the event while the fra­ternity handled adver­tising and reg­is­tration.

“I think the unusual part­nership brought a lot more people in who were willing to donate and par­tic­ipate,” said freshman Joey Sarno, a res­ident of Nied­feldt and Sigma Chi phil­an­thropy chairman.

The res­ident assistant team, including senior Mitchell Moutard and junior Alex Green, noted that the part­nership served mutual interests for the two groups.

“Due to the number of guys that have gone Greek in the dorm over the last couple of years, we want to extend a hand of part­nership in caring for res­i­dents who both live on campus and are in a fra­ternity,” Moutard said.

Adver­tised as $3 for singles and $5 for doubles, the tour­nament attracted around 20 par­tic­i­pants, according to Sarno. Sophomore Quinn Crago swept the tour­nament, winning both the singles and doubles cat­e­gories along with Jarret Ochsendorf.

Despite its rel­a­tively low par­tic­i­pation numbers, the ping pong tour­nament will cer­tainly occur next year, according to the dorm’s RA team and res­i­dents.

“I think Nied­feldt will con­tinue to host this, con­sid­ering we raised a good amount of money and did it in a short amount of time,” Sarno said.