Last semester, the ODK lead­ership circle hosted a speech and round table dis­cussion for student leaders with Nebraska Gov­ernor Steve Ricketts. Char­lotte McFaddin | Courtesy

Hillsdale’s lead­ership hon­orary, Omicron Delta Kappa, is hosting a fundraiser at Rough Draft on April 12 in which five percent of all the pur­chases that day will go to Hillsdale High School. This is its fundraising event for the year and the choice to partner with a local company to benefit the com­munity directly is very inten­tional, according to ODK member Char­lotte McFaddin.


ODK is a national lead­ership hon­orary made up of five senior men and five senior women who are rec­og­nized for their aca­demic success, lead­ership, and service to the com­munity. One of its goals is to select members who will make an impact on their com­mu­nities fol­lowing their time at Hillsdale. The money from the fundraiser will go to the English department at Hillsdale High School to buy more books.


“One of ODK’s main mis­sions is not only devel­oping lead­ership on campus, but facil­i­tating con­nec­tions between the Hillsdale com­munity and the college,” said McFaddin. “Rough Draft is a perfect example of a company that is fre­quented by both stu­dents and members of the com­munity.”


Rough Draft has done other fundraisers in the past, and owner Haley Talk­ington said she antic­i­pates more in the future.


“We like to par­tic­ipate in fundraisers that support the com­munity,” Talk­ington said in an email.


April 12 is ODK’s national day of service so its members decided to have its one fundraiser this year on that day in cel­e­bration. According to McFaddin, every year is dif­ferent, but this year they thought it would be great to support the com­munity directly.


“The national orga­ni­zation gives a lot of leeway with what we can do,” McFaddin said. “Lit­eracy and edu­cation make a lot of sense for an hon­orary.”


The idea for the event began in December, and ODK first reached out to Rough Draft about a month after, according to McFaddin.


“We’re really excited to have them on board as a new business in the com­munity and to see how everyone in the com­munity is excited to have a new coffee shop,” McFaddin said.