Band per­forms on stage at CHP Showdown. Regan Lasch | Col­legian

Guitar riffs and melo­dious voices rang through Grange Hall as student bands fought for the honor of opening for Seeb, this year’s Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza feature band, at the Student Activ­ities Board’s CHP Showdown on Friday.

Penny and the Mandimes took first place, fol­lowed by The Village Idiots in second and Trophy Wives in third. Seven bands com­peted in total.

Trophy Wives, named for its pre­dom­i­nantly female members, includes sophomore Domine Clemons as lead singer; seniors Callie Ring on bass, Grace Van­de­griff on backup vocals, and Claudia Sladick on rhythm guitar; and freshmen Abbey Bohrer and Julia Salloum on backup vocals, and Jenny Buccola on keys. Its only male member is senior Dean Sin­clair, who played drums.

“I felt that our presence as a girl band brought some­thing very new and spunky to the stage at CHP Showdown,” Clemons said. “I was very sur­prised we placed third, because there was just so much talent and dif­ferent kinds of music per­formed, but it shows that Hillsdale stu­dents really liked our theme of women power.”

Second place winner The Village Idiots includes members sopho­mores Timothy Green and Rowan Macwan, and juniors Calvin Kinney, Alexander Green, Matthew Kendrick, and Ethan Greb.

“We are a very ‘grunge’ band, and I think the name ‘The Village Idiots’ fits us really well with the style of music that we play. The crowd seems to love it,” Kinney said. “When we heard that we placed, we were really excited to play again in front of a great crowd. We are so pumped to debut a few more covers and jam out again at CHP.”

Despite their early time slot in the com­pe­tition, Penny and the Mandimes dom­i­nated the com­pe­tition. They will play imme­di­ately before Centralhallapalooza’s main attraction: the Nor­wegian rock band, Seeb.  

“We were really nervous to be playing at the beginning, because we knew the only way we could win is if we got people to see us perform,” said Calvert, the leader singer and only female in the band.  “There were more people than we antic­i­pated, espe­cially the Simpson boys. They really brought energy to our set.”

Most of the group’s members, apart from Calvert, live in Simpson Res­i­dence sophomore Adam Buchman on drums, sopho­mores Zane Mabry and Patrick Votel on guitar, freshman Jacob Gieselman on bass, and freshman Dominic Bulger on keys, which con­tributed to the large audience.

“Deep down we wanted to just place, until after we played and sud­denly realized that we had a very good chance of winning,” Calvert said. “We play a lot of classic rock, but for Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza we’re going to incor­porate some con­tem­porary music and even a country song.”

Calvert said that as they exper­iment with new music styles, they want to keep their set a secret until the show.

“I am really excited about a par­ticular song we’re going to perform because it’s going to bring a lot of uniqueness to the set, but we want to keep it a secret,” Calvert said.

Penny and the Mandimes will open for Seeb on Sat­urday, April 28th at 6 p.m. for Student Activ­ities Board’s annual Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza.