Library Director Daniel Knoch will retire at the end of the 2018 – 19 school year after nearly 34 years of service at Mossey Library. Madeleine Jepsen | Col­legian

After what will be 43 years at Mossey Library, Library Director Dan Knoch recently announced he is retiring at the end of the 2018 — 2019 school year.

Knoch will con­tinue to serve as director through the end of the upcoming school year, rep­re­senting the library on various campus com­mittees and con­tinuing his admin­is­trative duties at the library.

He said part of the reason for announcing his retirement plans early was due to some people in the com­munity assuming he had already retired.

Knoch was first hired in 1976 as an acqui­si­tions librarian, a role that grew into a tech­nical ser­vices librarian several years later. In these two roles, Knoch worked to expand and doc­ument the library’s catalog.

“I was respon­sible for ordering the books for the library,” Knoch said. “A lot of people don’t realize it, but you’re con­stantly buying things at a library. You’re always building your col­lection.”

Over the course of his 42 years at Mossey Library, Knoch said tech­nology has changed the day-to-day oper­a­tions of the library, though the overall mission — to acquire, organize, and provide resources for the college — has not. When he first began, the library used a card catalog to track books. Then, the catalog was on a CD, and in 1990, the library got its first online catalog.

“All of a sudden, this catalog card is available in com­puter form, and so we started con­verting our catalog cards into machine-readable form,” Knoch said. “The staff would take cards and add them to the online catalog, and by adding our holdings, we were able to download all that infor­mation into an online catalog.”

Public Ser­vices Librarian Linda Moore said she has enjoyed working with Knoch and appre­ciates the admin­is­trative support he pro­vides for the library archives.

“It will just be very dif­ferent here without him,” Moore said. “He cer­tainly has been a con­stant for me, because he and I started working on the same day. A few people have come and gone over the years, but Dan has always been there. It’ll be kind of a dif­ferent place, but I think that he believes the idea always is that you leave an orga­ni­zation per­fectly capable of going on without you.”

In addition to his general duties, Knoch also oversees the Carus Coin Col­lection, orga­nizes the Our Faculty’s Ongoing Research lec­tures, helps with new faculty ori­en­tation, and serves as an aca­demic adviser for incoming freshmen.

“He does so much for the library and campus, even though a lot of stu­dents don’t nec­es­sarily know it,” said junior Katie Hillery, who works with Knoch as the student coor­di­nator for the Carus Coin Col­lection. “He knows the student workers by name, and he’ll always greet us and check in to see how we’re doing.”

Knoch said he plans to spend more time with his three grand­children in Hud­sonville and Kala­mazoo, Michigan. He said he also is looking forward to the oppor­tunity to spend more time swimming laps, walking, and reading for fun.

“I just really appre­ciated working at Hillsdale College all these years, and seeing the pos­itive progress that the insti­tution has made,” Knoch said. “I really think it has made some incredible progress, and a lot of fine people are working here.”