The exterior of Jilly Beans coffee house, located in downtown Hillsdale. Facebook

Jilly Beans Coffee House announced earlier this month that its owner, Mary Ellen Sattler, will open a new coffee shop location in Jonesville this May.

While many details are yet to be revealed, Sattler said she is looking forward to extending her coffee shop to Jonesville, just about one year after she took own­ership of the Hillsdale Jilly Beans location.

Jonesville City Manager Jeff Gray said after the com­pletion of a com­munity survey, many res­i­dents expressed their interest in a full-time coffee shop in the com­munity.

Sattler said she was then con­tacted by another business to bring coffee to Jonesville, and around that same time, a building was put up for sale right in downtown Jonesville.

“I fell in love with its warmth,” Sattler said. “It will be very similar, very comfy, with a rustic feeling.”

While the exact building location has yet to be revealed, Sattler said she hopes to have the coffee shop opened during the second week of May.

She has already begun a training process for new employees, adding to her staff in prepa­ration for the new opening.

“Everyone is thrilled, and everyone under­stands,” Sattler said. “It helps with the excitement going forward.”

Sattler and her staff are turning to their cus­tomers for the name of the coffee shop, by taking sug­ges­tions on the Jilly Beans Facebook page. The Hillsdale location of Jilly Beans is for­mally named, “Jilly Beans, the Coffee shop on the Corner,” and Sattler said she is hoping to start the second name with the phrase, “Jilly Beans too…” Almost 90 name sug­ges­tions have already been posted on the Facebook page, and they are still accepting ideas. The winner will receive a $25 gift card.

The menu at the Jonesville location will remain very similar to the Hillsdale location’s menu, but a bigger kitchen in Jonesville will allow for more baking oppor­tu­nities, according to Sattler. Another perk will be a des­ig­nated meeting area, where com­munity members can hold meetings. Sattler said there will be a screen for pow­er­point pre­sen­ta­tions, and other amenities that would cater well to those who are looking to hold meetings.

“We will maintain the level of service and quality that people expect,” Sattler said.

Julie Crowley, the manager of Jilly Beans, said she is most looking forward to Jilly Beans being able to give a cof­feeshop to people who don’t already have one in their town.

“It’s not just a coffee shop,” she said. “It’s some­thing that matters.”

One of her favorite parts of the Hillsdale Jilly Beans is the cus­tomers, she said.

“The people that come in almost instantly become friends,” she said.

Billie Jo Harwood is a life-long res­ident of Jonesville, and she said when she gets coffee, it is most often at a nearby gas station.

She said there have been a couple of cof­feeshops that she has seen pop up in Jonesville, but that none of them have stayed.

“I’m afraid for them,” Harwood said. “I think it’d be great, but it will be tough.”

Gray, however, said that he thinks it is out­standing news. He said he is a coffee drinker, but that most of Jonesville’s current coffee options are at restau­rants, such as McDonalds.

“It adds another full store­front and gives another draw and another reason to come downtown,” Gray said. He added that the arts enter­tainment stops, such as the Sauk Theater or Gallery 49 located in downtown Jonesville will create an oppor­tunity for greater com­munity.

“It creates another one of those great places you’re looking for in a downtown,” Gray said.