Easter dinner at the Paul House (Chandler Lasch / Col­legian)

Easter: a holiday when one cel­e­brates Jesus’ triumph over death, laughs with family, and eats an unholy amount of chocolate eggs and bunnies. It’s a time of fel­lowship and con­tentment with loved ones.

Easter at Hillsdale College is no dif­ferent. Even as many stu­dents take off for home over Easter weekend, the freshness and comfort of Easter seep into its quiet dorms. People on the campus cel­e­brate the res­ur­rection with fel­lowship and good food, despite being away from home.

On the out­skirts of campus, Waterman Res­i­dence has strived to bring the res­i­dents together for the past two Easters, making up for that lost family time over a fun springtime brunch.

“We’re having an Easter brunch after church on Sunday,” said Chloe Kookogey, the head RA of Waterman. “We’re all going to pitch in and help to cook an array of food and just spend time together cel­e­brating Christ’s res­ur­rection.”

Waterman does not have an official brunch tra­dition, but with at least three-quarters of their res­i­dents trav­eling home for the weekend, the remaining girls like to have some­thing to bring them together.

“Last year, some of the girls put together an Easter dinner with their friends, and so they cooked all on their own,” Kookogey said. “It made the dorm feel so homey. ”

This year, the Waterman girls had a variety of ideas of what they want to cook to cel­e­brate the Easter holiday: potatoes gratin, green beans, lots of fruit, and a special dump cake made by junior Katarina Bradford.

“Easter’s a really nice time to be on campus if you’re not able to go home,” Kookogey said. “It’s just quiet and you can hang out with friends and there’s not the pressure of classes.”

And the Waterman dorm is not the only place on campus to do some­thing special for the light spring holiday. The Dow House– also known as the Paul House– decided to bring their res­i­dents together to cel­e­brate.

Senior Sarah Schutte, the head RA of the Paul House, said that this dorm hasn’t done any­thing in the past, but this year, she wanted to change that by hosting an Easter egg hunt.

“Not like ‘oh, eggs and candy,’ ” Schutte added, “We’re going to do a scav­enger hunt.”

The scav­enger hunt was planned to take place all over campus and provide a little break for the girls to flex cre­ative crafting muscles.

“We’re going to dec­orate the Easter eggs the day before,” said Schutte. “I have all kind of fun ideas of what we’re going to do for that.”

Like the Waterman girls, Schutte and the res­i­dents of the Paul House really want to have that fel­lowship even if they aren’t sharing it with their fam­ilies.

“I thought it’d be really great to do some­thing with the other girls because it is the day that you would spend with family nor­mally,” she said. “So I’m trying to give them a little sense of that big com­munity.”

Even Bon Appétit Man­agement Company made plans to do some­thing special for Easter, so all stu­dents on campus would have a chance to cel­e­brate. Manager David Apthorpe says that the college has had a tra­dition of putting on a com­munity brunch for Easter for more than ten years.

“We’ll see 300 or so com­munity members come and join us in addition to the stu­dents who are still here,” Apthorpe said. “We have a more elab­orate brunch. It’s prime rib and a few more upscale items, so it’s a full show.”

Fam­ilies and res­i­dents from all over the city of Hillsdale, as well as stu­dents and faculty members, attend the brunch, mostly for the prime rib and the sense of com­munity. Even the children who come to share in the event enjoy special activ­ities.

“This year, we’re doing a kid’s Easter egg col­oring, so we’ll have crafts and food for kids,” Apthorpe said. “It’s really a family-friendly event.”

The Waterman dorm brunch, the Paul House’s scav­enger hunt, and Bon Appetit’s Easter meal were all great oppor­tu­nities to get a sense of that fel­lowship that one would nor­mally find in this springtime holiday. The Easter weekend is a short break, but the stu­dents and members of Hillsdale College strove to make the most of it with food, fun, and a sense of home.