The first Hillsdale Snapchat filters appeared a few years ago. Madeline Fry | Col­legian

Central Hall was one of the first to appear. Then one of the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. Then a Charger-blue pennant. 

It’s unclear exactly when Snapchat geofilters started showing up on Hillsdale College’s campus, but it’s still a fairly new phe­nomenon, with more being added each year. Bridget DeLapp ’17, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, designed and sub­mitted one of the first filters to appear — a blue and white graphic of the sorority’s house. 

“We thought it would be a new, fun way to interact at our events,” DeLapp said. 

But getting it posted proved to be a hassle. 

“All sorts of things can get it rejected,” DeLapp said. “I sub­mitted it probably 10 times with little, tiny tweaks.”

DeLapp, an English and art major, said she sub­mitted the filter largely without the sorority knowing, and when it was finally accepted she “freaked out and sent an all-house email.” 

Senior Zane Miller said he also designed a campus fitler: the blue geofilter that appears in the Sage Center for the Arts. 

“I think I first saw the green clock tower filter my sophomore year, which inspired me to create a filter for Sage,” Miller said in an email. “I basi­cally live in this building, why not make a filter to doc­ument my snaps from here?”

Now, there are at least three college-spe­cific geofilters, with several more spe­cific ones scat­tered around campus. Two feature Central Hall, while one is a blue sports pennant. 

DeLapp said the process has grown slightly easier since she sub­mitted her graphic. Now, it’s pos­sible to design and submit a geofilter on Snapchat’s website, which is exactly what senior Charlie Yost did for a friend’s birthday party. 

“I wanted to get the word out there and let everybody know it was his birthday,” Yost said. “It probably took me 15 minutes.” 

Although it was free when DeLapp uploaded her filter, Snapchat has since mon­e­tized the process. It cost Yost roughly $15, between a $5 design and $10 acti­vation fee. Still, he felt that it was worth it. 

“I think it was a huge success,” Yost said. “We had a lot of people at the party. I think it helped get the word around.” 

Snapchat has also pro­vided the option to design and upload ani­mated lenses and filters, in addition to the geofilters. 

DeLapp’s geofilter is still up, but she said getting an indef­inite filter is more dif­ficult now. Her filter has main­tained its pop­u­larity since its cre­ation.

“Girls still use it all the time,” she said. 

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