Eleonore Stump is a vis­iting lec­turer. | YouTube

Pro­fessor Eleonore Stump will be coming to campus on April 6 to speak on “Guilt and For­giveness” and “What We Care About: The Desires of the Heart” in Phillips Audi­torium. The former topic will concern the con­flicting views of for­giveness in “The Sun­flower: On the Pos­si­bility and Limits of For­giveness” by Simon Wiesenthal, while the latter will concern Thomas Aquinas’ theodicy. The religion and phi­losophy department will host the speaker.

Stump is a leading expert on Thomas Aquinas, medieval phi­losophy, and phi­losophy of religion. She holds the Robert J. Henle Chair in phi­losophy at Saint Louis Uni­versity, is an hon­orary pro­fessor at Wuhan Uni­versity and the Logos Institute at the Uni­versity of St. Andrews. Stump also serves as a pro­fes­sorial fellow at the Aus­tralian Catholic Uni­versity and a patron of the Aquinas Institute in Black­Friars Hall at Oxford Uni­versity.

Assistant Pro­fessor of Phi­losophy Ian Church worked with Stump for two years at Saint Louis Uni­versity and was instru­mental in orga­nizing the event.

“Beyond the quality of her work, I truly appre­ciate and value her char­acter as a person,” Church said in an email. “She is excep­tionally kind, gen­erous, and caring. She has a heart for those who are suf­fering in this world, and I think that thought­fulness and sin­cerity comes through in all that she does.”

After watching several of Stump’s lec­tures online, sophomore Gabriel Listro plans on attending the event. Stump’s method is par­tic­u­larly attractive to Listro.

“She uses won­der­fully tan­gible examples to explain her very complex con­cepts,” Listro said. “I find her phi­losophy very inter­esting and well-thought-out, but her con­cepts are very hard for me to under­stand unless I pay close attention. That is why her examples are so enlight­ening. They tie the abstract into the physical in a manner that changes how I view the actual.”

The subject matter of the evening is par­tic­u­larly rel­evant to stu­dents on Hillsdale campus, according to Church.

“Between her areas of expertise and the topics of her talks — the problem of suf­fering, guilt, and for­giveness, etc. — I’d say she is firing on all Hillsdale cylinders!” Church said. “How we per­sonally engage with and process suf­fering and how we under­stand guilt and for­giveness are fun­da­mental topics to the human expe­rience.”