Poet Wilmer Mills plays guitar at the Don­ny­brook in 2010.
John Somerville | Courtesy

While Gal­loway Res­i­dence is under con­struction next year, some of its res­i­dents will move into a once-beloved off-campus house known as The Don­ny­brook.

The house at 62 Park St. is cur­rently being ren­o­vated and served as a campus dorm, and not just for Gal­loway men.

“Even­tually, we want it to be veteran housing,” Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffery Rogers said. “In the interim, it will be an addi­tional domain for those exiled in the diaspora from Gal­loway during the year it’s down.”

Rogers said The Don­ny­brook will likely be renamed.

Around 12 men will move into the dorm, while 43 of Galloway’s 88 res­i­dents will move into Whitley Res­i­dence.

The fol­lowing year, the dorm may become housing for vet­erans, depending on how many enroll. Rogers noted that vet­erans who are older than some of the student body might prefer more inde­pen­dence.

In the past, the Don­ny­brook was known for its res­i­dents’ affinity for Irish drinking songs, poetry readings.

“There was a group of nine guys that lived there before and they were good guys — faithful, manly men,” Daniel Spiotta ’13 told the Col­legian in 2016. “I really loved them and wanted to keep a lot of their tra­di­tions alive. The song tra­dition, the tra­dition of singing folk songs together in a big group, that was the biggest thing we inherited.”

Ethan Visser, a res­ident assistant in Gal­loway, will live in the Don­ny­brook next year. Visser said that he appre­ciates the culture of inclusion, humility, and faith in Gal­loway.

“I think it will be very important to foster the same culture in Whitley and in the Don­ny­brook that we have in Gal­loway,” Visser said. “That starts with the RAs. In addition, I think the two res­i­dences should stay in touch with each other. The big thing will be having guys that know Gal­loway and its culture coming back the next year.”