Delta Tau Delta fra­ternity raised $400 in its Un-Baked Sale last week in the Grewcock Student Union. Pexels.

Delta Tau Delta fra­ternity raised $400 in its Un-Baked Sale last week in the Grewcock Student Union. The sale raised money for the Juvenile Dia­betes Research Fund, the fraternity’s national charity.

“This has been one of our more suc­cessful fundraisers we’ve held this school year,” DTD’s Public Rela­tions Chairman senior Peter O’Rourke said in an email. “We’ve learned our lesson from past Un-Baked Sales, and that’s really helped us make this so suc­cessful.”

According to the DTD website, the JDRF and the fra­ternity have part­nered for charity events since 2012. JDRF funds research for Type 1 dia­betes, which affects 1.25 million Amer­icans, according to the website.

Junior Andrew Berryhill, a member of DTD, said people’s famil­iarity with the event was part of what made it suc­cessful.

“If you say ‘Un-Baked Sale,’ someone will say, ‘That’s the one the Delts do.’ When people were walking by, they would even ref­erence past events. They would say, ‘Oh, you guys are doing that again. I’ll get some.’ That famil­iarity with the event helped a lot with its success,” Berryhill said.

But in addition to campus’ famil­iarity with the Un-Baked Sale fundraisers, Berryhill believes the com­munity of DTD brought a lot to the table for last week’s fundraiser..

“We had a lot more broth­erhood par­tic­i­pation than in past years,” he said. “Even when I wasn’t working the event, whenever I passed by, not only were there always three or four Delts there, but also a couple friends. Even people that weren’t Delts were helping promote it to people they knew. Not only did you have a lot of brothers there who were enthu­si­astic and inter­acting with the crowd, you had other people that weren’t even Delts reaching out to others.”

The DTD members running the fundraiser had to have a balance between “being aggressive, but also being bal­anced,” according to Berryhill.

“You’re asking for money; that’s the aggressive part,” he said. “But you also have to explain what it’s about, what it’s for, and why you’re so enthu­si­astic and pas­sionate about this project. We saw a lot of that this time around.”