Con­struction began on Garden Street yes­terday. Nic Rowan | Col­legian


Repairs began on Garden, Mead, and Vine streets Wednesday morning, as con­struction crews stripped away the old asphalt blacktop from the roads. The City of Hillsdale has closed these roads until the con­clusion of the repairs.

Hillsdale res­ident Dennis Wain­scott recorded beginning of the project on a Facebook Live video.

“This is the smoothest our road has been in the past few years,” he said of Garden Street, where he lives.

These repairs are part of a larger project that includes con­struction on Rippon Avenue. Work on Rippon is ongoing — crews have cut down about 40 trees that have posed a danger to sewers beneath the road.

According to Director of Public Ser­vices Jake Hammel, the Rippon project is more involved than the other three streets. It involves laying water and sewer mains under­neath the river, which will require pumping water around the road. The city will then lay a new con­crete culvert, 40 feet long, four feet tall, and eight feet wide to cover the section of road cov­ering the river.

This road project is set to occupy the city for much of the spring.