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The Hillsdale Drop-In Center con­tinues to serve those suf­fering from mental ill­nesses in the local com­munity through activ­ities and support groups, pro­moting empow­erment, and recovery.

On Sunday, the Hillsdale Drop-In Center wel­comed a group from Toledo, Ohio, who gave their time by offering haircuts to homeless people, members of the center, and even some people who just walked by, according to Amanda Crandall, the director of the Hillsdale Drop-In Center. She said she was enthu­si­astic about the ser­vices that the group brought to the center and that they reached out to her asking if they could give haircuts to the local homeless.

“They get together, they bring meals clothing, they do hair, they do nails,” Crandall said.

The group itself was on par with the center’s mission, which is to empower and support throughout their daily lives. The Drop-In center often reaches out to the com­munity to help those in need.

“We have recovery groups, things for anxiety, depression,” Crandall said. “We have a free meal every day, we have laundry ser­vices, and it’s free for people to sign up to become a member. They just have to have the mental health diag­nosis.”

These members were able to receive the ser­vices of the Toledo group on Sunday, some­thing which Crandall felt was an uplifting act of kindness.

“They were so excited,” she said. “They felt like someone cared about them. And that is the mission statement of the people who came up and said they do matter and people do care about them. They def­i­nitely helped. It was a won­derful event to be a part of.”

As a non-profit orga­ni­zation, the drop-in center relies on pro­grams like Med­icaid, and state and local grants to fund the center, which makes room for groups such as the one who offered haircuts this past weekend.

One of the recip­ients of the group’s kindness was Vicki Woodby, a board member and vol­unteer at the drop-in center.

“I thought it was a won­derful expe­rience,” Woodby said. “The people were very friendly and out­going. I got a haircut, which I loved, I got my feet rubbed with lotion, which was very nice. Got my toe­nails painted they were just a good group of people.”

For every member of the center and even members of the com­munity who stopped by on Sunday, it was a heart­warming expe­rience.

“They were just all really fab­ulous people,” Woodby said. “I hope we get to see them again.”