Senior Glynis Gilio and sophomore Ian Brown will perform Thursday. Glynis Gilio. | Courtesy

On Thursday senior Glynis Gilio will fulfill her 10-year-long dream: to perform the musical “The Last Five Years.”

Gilio’s passion for singing developed in middle school when she attended a fine arts camp in northern Michigan. During the those two summers she learned about Jason Robert Brown and his 2001 musical “The Last Five Years.” It was then she decided that someday she wanted to perform it.

“I lis­tened to the music and I loved it so much. Later, when I did show choir in high school, a girl sang from that musical, and I knew I wanted to play Cathy at some point,” Gilio said. “This show just kept popping up in my life.”

Gilio will perform in McNamara Hall in Howard Music Building at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.

In 2016 Gilio watched a concert per­for­mance of the musical and decided she would love to perform it in that way. So when her singing teacher, Teacher of Music Melissa Osmond, asked her what she would perform for her senior recital, Gilio had an answer.

“I told her, ‘I have this very ambi­tious idea of a concert version.’ Missy told me, ‘I want you to do what you’ve always wanted to do,’” Gilio said. “And I’m doing it. It’s won­derful to see some­thing that you’ve held so close to your heart for so long come to fruition.”

“The Last Five Years,” a love story between a couple from New York in the 1990s, has only two char­acters: Jamie Weller­stein and Cathy Hiatt. Gilio will be singing as Cathy. When picking the person to perform as Jamie, Gilio looked for someone with strong vocals and serious com­mitment.

“His songs are chal­lenging,” Gilio said. “I knew I needed somebody who saw what I see in it.”

After hearing sophomore Ian Brown sing at last year’s spring recital, she knew he would be perfect for the part.

“He’s been right there along with me. He was very enthu­si­astic about it from the beginning,” Gilio said. “I can’t say enough about Ian.”

When Gilio asked Brown to join her on the stage, he said that he thought it was just a song, not an hour-and-fifteen-minute musical. But he knew he wanted to sing with Gilio, so he said yes.

“Glynis has been great to work with. She’s very easy­going and well pre­pared and helpful,” Brown said. “And obvi­ously very tal­ented.”

The two will be accom­panied on stage by sophomore Samuel Musser on the piano and senior David Schwartzman on the violin.

“We’re not doing a full-staged version; it’ll be a concert version. There’s not cos­tumes or any­thing,” Gilio said.

Sophomore Sheridan Michaud said she is looking forward to see her fellow Kappa Kappa Gamma sister and fellow track teammate perform together in the show.

“I think they’re both very, very tal­ented, so it will be a very dynamic per­for­mance,” Michaud said. “She is really involved in campus, so I think a lot of people are attending. I know all of Kappa is going. She is amazing, and everyone is looking forward to it.”