C‑SPAN filmed Raney’s “Sec­tion­alism and the American Civil War” course for use in its “Lec­tures in History” series. Regan Meyer | Courtesy

Pro­fessor of History David Raney taught not only to Hillsdale stu­dents, but also to a crew of cameras Wednesday afternoon. C‑SPAN filmed Raney’s Sec­tion­alism and the American Civil War course for use in its “Lec­tures in History” series.

Russell Logan, a pro­ducer for C‑SPAN, con­tacted Raney in January. He told Raney that his class had been rec­om­mended as a good can­didate for the series. C‑SPAN has filmed a variety of dif­ferent classes at numerous uni­ver­sities. It filmed its Book TV program “In Depth” with talk-show host Dennis Prager on campus in Sep­tember 2016.

“C‑SPAN has taped and aired more than 350 classes to date,” Logan said. “These include three at Hillsdale with Bradley Birzer and Paul Moreno as well as Victor Davis Hanson as a vis­iting pro­fessor.”

Raney’s course focuses on the American Civil War. In class on Wednesday, Raney chose to focus on the home­front during the Civil War, specif­i­cally the roles of the United States Christian Com­mission and the United States San­itary Com­mission.

“I always provide time within the semester to talk about the home­front during the war both North and South,” Raney said. “I scheduled this pre­sen­tation to cor­re­spond with the C‑SPAN taping. The spe­cific placement of it within the scope of the class was tai­lored to the C‑SPAN group, but it’s some­thing I do cover.”

In addition to choosing that day’s class topic based on C‑SPAN’s presence, Raney also amended his teaching style.

“I knew that the C‑SPAN audience was looking for certain content,” Raney said. “This was going to not only be content-driven, but they were looking for pri­marily a lecture-based approach. I altered things to accom­modate that. I did prepare remarks. I had notes that I actually drew from to stay on topic, so I didn’t wander and indulge my occa­sional forays into related matters.”

Senior Grace Moran said the class felt no dif­ferent from any other day. There were just cameras in the room, and Raney did not have any extra expec­ta­tions for his stu­dents.

“He just told us to be on time — and to do our homework,” she said.