Stu­dents par­tic­ipate in the 2016 Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza. Facebook.

Seven bands will compete on Friday for a spot onstage at Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza. The deciding event runs from 8 p.m. to mid­night at Grange Hall at the Hillsdale County Fair­grounds. The first band will begin around 8:30 p.m.

Three student bands play at Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza each year, elected by an audience vote. Last year’s winners were My Dog’s Name is Keith, Deaf Davey and the Wineboxes, and The Electric Psy­chadelic Pussy Cat Swingers Club.

“I think it will be really close,” Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Landerr said. “Dif­ferent bands have dif­ferent fol­lowings.”

This year’s com­peting bands are Penny and the Mandimes, The Wineboxes, The Village Idiots, Roos Roast, BANND, Trophy Wives, and Dick Whiskey and the Short­stacks.

Sophomore Zane Mabry, who plays guitar for Penny and the Mandimes, said his band has a “more solid lineup” than last year.

“We have a good selection of music and a good energy onstage,” Mabry said. “I think we will be enter­taining to watch.”

Senior Callie Ring, who is per­forming with Trophy Wives, also played last year in a dif­ferent band. This year, she wanted to get an all-female group. Even though she wasn’t entirely suc­cessful — only six of the eight band members are women — the band stuck with a girl-power theme for its music.

“Usually when females are in the band, they’re singing,” Ring said. “I wanted women on instru­ments.”

Each band will play a 20-minute set, and the audience votes on which bands they’d like to see play at CHP.

Landherr said she likes to see stu­dents get involved with the process of cre­ating CHP.

“It’s really cool to see stu­dents sup­porting stu­dents,” she said.

Ring said they just want to have fun.

“There’s a lot of really good bands,” Ring said. “Hon­estly, we’re just hoping to put on a good show.”