(Left to right) Seniors Anna Zemaitaitis, Emily Rinaldi, and Rachael Reynolds will present their senior art show Sunday.
Rachael Reynolds | Courtesy

Friendship and the primary colors are at the heart of the upcoming art show “Young, Wild, and Free,” which will display the artwork of seniors Rachael Reynolds, Emily Rinaldi, and Anna Zemaitaitis April 8 – 13 in the Daughtery Gallery. During an opening reception on April 8 from 6 – 8 p.m., the three seniors will present their work from their years as art majors.

The labels of each piece will be color-coded with the primary colors — blue, yellow, and red — to match the theme “Young, Wild, and Free.”

“We each picked a main theme color,” Reynolds said. “Anna is light blue, Emily is mustard yellow, and I am deep red.”

Rinaldi said she thought the color theme fit per­fectly.

“Anna is young, I kind of have a crazy side, and Rachael is free,” she said. “She’s very inde­pendent, new, and modern.”

Zemaitaitis said she is not the youngest of the three. 

“But I’m probably the most naive one,” she said with a laugh.

While they will display at least 25 works of art each, Reynolds, Rinaldi, and Zemaitaitis have their own unique focuses.

Reynolds said the main theme of her art is nature, “both human and wildlife.” While she will display three sculp­tures, three paintings, and two drawings, Reynolds mainly focuses pho­tog­raphy. Among the 21 pho­tographs in her show, a pho­tog­raphy project from the fall 2017 semester titled “Garden” is one she is proud to feature.

To combine humanity and wildlife, Reynolds said all of the images in this project are por­traits of indi­viduals with “plants used as sculp­tural ele­ments that are spe­cific to the per­son­ality of the sub­jects.”

Rinaldi will show paintings and drawings, but she is excited for the main portion of her show: pho­tog­raphy. One of Rinaldi’s fea­tured pho­tographs from 2016 is a black-and-white pho­to­graph of a woman gazing out a window, “A Modern Cindy Sherman.” To create this pho­to­graph, Rinaldi imi­tated the style and lighting Cindy Sherman’s pho­tog­raphy.

Zemaitaitis’ show includes drawings, paintings, and one sculpture. She is excited to feature her oil painting “October Beginning,” a scene from the Arboretum. Zemaitaitis said she enjoyed painting it for her oil painting class in the fall 2017 semester.

“The art show is really going to be a nice balance because Rachael and Emily will have a lot of pho­tog­raphy, and I have zero pho­tog­raphy,” Zemaitaitis said.

The three seniors plan to intermix their works throughout the gallery for the show.

“It will be just for one week,” Zemaitaitis said, “but it rep­re­sents our whole career here at Hillsdale.”