Every semester, stu­dents who par­tic­ipate in the Wash­ington-Hillsdale Internship Program take classes while working all over Wash­ington, D.C. They gain expe­rience in fields that interest them and learn from the best. We asked four WHIP stu­dents about their intern­ships.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a junior. (Courtesy)

Where are you interning this semester?
I’m interning at the Her­itage Foun­dation, in the Center for Inter­na­tional Trade and Eco­nomics Department. I appre­ciate that even though we’re interns, we’re treated like research assis­tants.

Why did you apply for an internship at Her­itage?
I went after Her­itage and it was my first, last, and final choice. I was always inter­ested in Her­itage I thought it would be a phe­nomenal stepping stone for other intern­ships and a career. It was also the most appro­priate and the most applicable for me because it really aligns with what I believe in, which is namely the free market, indi­vidual freedom, and limited gov­ernment, which we learn about at Hillsdale and learn to be true outside campus. So Her­itage was really the best for me in that respect, [its appre­ci­ation for] tra­di­tional con­ser­v­ative values.

What does your internship involve?
I assist with the col­lection and inter­pre­tation of data to publish Heritage’s annual Index of Eco­nomic Freedom and con­tributing research and authorship to other Her­itage pub­li­ca­tions. I also write op-eds that are pub­lished in the Daily Signal. We work with our super­visors in the depart­ments that we chose. One of them was pub­lished in Newsweek. We have oppor­tu­nities not only to write for the Daily Signal, but our articles are also picked up by more rec­og­nizable insti­tu­tions and outlets.

What’s a high­light of your expe­rience so far?
The 2018 Index of Eco­nomic Freedom, which is our primary pub­li­cation, was released the 2nd of Feb­ruary, which was huge. Having the ability to be there at that time was really cool. We had nine members of English par­lia­ments that visited last week, and even as an intern, I was able to visit that. The oppor­tunity to meet with high-profile people on the daily is a high­light. They have us wear a suit and tie because going up eight floors on the ele­vator, you never know who you’re going to run into.

Christian Yiu

Christian Yiu is a junior. (Courtesy)

Where are you interning?
I’m interning at Pinkston Group, a public rela­tions firm. I’m on a team that focuses on edu­cation, cor­porate interest, and health care.

What does your day-to-day work involve?
A lot of it con­sists of sending out emails, talking to our clients, reaching out to dif­ferent media groups and pitching stories, getting inter­views, op-eds, etc. for our clients. Essen­tially my work is what employees would do, too. I like it a lot.

Why did you apply for that internship?
I just wanted to work at a con­sulting company that was doing PR or cre­ative design, and Pinkston was in con­nection with Hillsdale. I thought they did good work and was impressed by their company culture.

Any high­lights from your expe­rience so far?
Pinkston’s almost like a family. One employee had a wedding, and Pinkston paid for the whole group to go out to lunch to cel­e­brate. When it’s someone’s birthday, we all go out for lunch. It’s a really neat com­munity; everyone’s friendly. Most of the time everyone’s encour­aging one another and being chill and joking around. But it’s very serious, too. We do a lot of heavy work.

Have you learned any­thing new so far?
I’ve learned so much – writing pitches, how to talk to reporters, how to per­suade reporters – a lot about lead­ership, how to approach an interview. I would rec­ommend anyone to Pinkston.

Kaitlin Makuski

Kaitlin Makuski is a junior. (Courtesy)

Where are you interning?
I’m interning at the Susan B. Anthony List in their devel­opment and gov­ernment affairs depart­ments.

Why did you want to intern there?
I’m newer to the pro-life movement and was really excited to get to see it at the federal level. I’ve seen the grass­roots of stu­dents for life and those types of orga­ni­za­tions so seeing it at a federal level was very exciting and some­thing I was very inter­ested in.

What is your work like day to day?
Every day is dif­ferent. It depends on whether key leg­is­lation is being passed. Right now I work a lot with our cam­paign coor­di­nator, looking at dif­ferent can­di­dates and making can­didate pro­files. I’m making sure the bills we’re tracking aren’t up for any kind of vote or dis­cussion or debate. And I do a lot of thank you cards and calls to donors in devel­opment, and donor pro­files as well.

What’s a high­light of your expe­rience so far?
I think the high­light of my expe­rience was when the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Pro­tection Act was being voted on in the Senate, and the Susan B. Anthony List gov­ernment affairs team was invited to the Senate gallery to watch.

Tessa Nardozza

Tessa Nar­dozza is a junior (Courtesy).

Where are you interning?
I am a Political Digital Mar­keting Intern at IMGE, a full-service digital firm in Alexandria, Va.

Why did you choose to intern at IMGE?
I chose IMGE because they’re a growing company at the cutting edge of digital Repub­lican pol­itics. I wanted to learn from the best, and the people here are incredibly expe­ri­enced and have a history of winning numerous political races. Also, they have office dogs and catered lunches!

What’s some­thing you’ve learned so far while working at IMGE?
Since I started, I’ve learned the basics of email mar­keting, social media man­agement, website design, copy­writing, copy­editing, and graphic design across mul­tiple plat­forms. On the second day of my internship, I began working on the same things as everyone else on my team, so I’ve gained very valuable expe­rience in digital mar­keting which has helped me narrow down my career goals. Interning here has given me the chance to work on several political cam­paigns at the same time, which I now want to do for a living.

What’s a high­light of your time at IMGE?
The high­light of my internship so far has been writing content for and sending emails to tens of thou­sands of people on behalf of mul­tiple can­di­dates. It’s truly been an honor to be trusted by my team­mates to do such influ­ential, mean­ingful work as an intern!