Niedfelt to host date party fea­turing a formal dinner catered by Bon Appétit, dancing, and an award show. Pexels.

Nied­feldt is holding a date party on Sat­urday night in the Searle Center with money donated by its namesake, Phyllis Nied­feldt.

“I have been just orga­nizing it and getting the word out,” Nied­feldt Res­ident Assistant Alexander Green said. “There are around 60 people coming.”

This event boasts a formal dinner catered by Bon Appétit, dancing, and an award show based off funny things that have hap­pened in the dorm.

Nied­feldt donated the money for the spe­cific purpose of hosting a party like this.

“She wants to encourage guys nowadays to work on their manners and bring dates,” said Niedfelt Head RA Sam Cassels, who is in charge of the event.

Cassels also said this may reflect dorm culture, since Simpson’s events usually involve ath­letics.

“We’ve never done it before, this is a first time thing,” Green sad. “It will be inter­esting to see if this is able to con­tinue or not, because who knows if we will have the funding or not.”

Emma Cummins con­tributed to this report.

  • Jedediah Boudreaux

    Date culture is destroying America, (along with the homo­sex­uales), we need to rein­state legally rec­og­nized courtship. (With approval from the FATHER)