Left to right back: Alexander Reid (Freshman), Owen Macaulay (Freshman), Ben Diet­derich (Junior), Matt Pfeifer (Freshman), Chandler Penn (Freshman).
Left to right front: William Patrick (Junior), John Howard (Freshman), Bill Philips (Freshman).

Hillsdale College fra­ter­nities fin­ished wel­coming their newest pledge classes, with Delta Tau Delta pledging its three-man class on Sunday. 

“It’s one of the smaller ones,” said senior Peter O’Rourke, DTD public rela­tions chairman. “For Delts, we’ve always worked better as a smaller group.”

Alpha Tau Omega pledged eight men: six freshmen, one sophomore, and one junior. Sigma Chi and Delta Sigma Phi both pledged four men, all freshmen and all sophomore respec­tively. The new recruits are replen­ishing the fraternity’s numbers and bringing new interests, talents, and skills with them.

Sigma Chi Public Rela­tions chairman freshman Joe Wagner said he is excited about the diversity the newest class will bring to the house. Members of the new class are involved in mock trial and College Repub­licans as well as the shotgun and sailing clubs. 

ATO Mem­bership Edu­cator junior Marcus Kop­erski said he is happy to have several freshmen pledge members. 

“In the the past, we’ve had dif­fi­culty reaching out into the dorms,” Kop­erski said. 

Although fra­ternity pledge classes tend to be smaller in the spring semester, all three spokesmen empha­sized that it was about who the new pickups are, not how many there are. 

“We don’t care if we have a pledge class of 15 or five,” O’Rourke said. “It’s more about the quality guys.” 

Wagner agreed: “It’s not about getting more numbers. It’s about getting the right people.”