The newest Delta Tau Delta pledge class of Spring 2018. Peter O’Rourke. | Courtesy

Kappa chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fra­ternity recently won Most Improved Chapter Award at the annual Delta Tau Delta Northern Division Con­ference 2018. 

Every DTD chapter submits a Fra­ternity Awards/Accreditation Report, which eval­uates the chapter in several cat­e­gories such as recruitment, financial excel­lence, and member edu­cation oper­ation. From last year’s report to this year’s, the Kappa chapter’s scores improved the most of all the chapters in their district.

“We knew that our scores had improved, but we didn’t know they had improved that much,” DTD Pres­ident junior Christopher Sturges said.

The fra­ternity received the award at the con­ference, which was held Feb. 22 – 25 in Columbus, Ohio. Hillsdale’s chapter sent four members: Sturges, Vice Pres­ident junior Adam Cieply, Director of Recruitment junior James Burke, and Trea­surer senior David Stone. Exec­utive offers and members from 41 chapters in the division attended.

Throughout the weekend, the men attended officer-spe­cific training ses­sions as well as ses­sions for the entire del­e­gation. The ses­sions included brain­storming with other chapters about suc­cessful tech­niques as well as lead­ership training. 

“It was kind of cool to see that our chapter was excelling above most of the other chapters and that we could bring ideas to the table and help them grow,” Stone said. “We were thrilled. Everyone put in a ton of work over the past year.”

While it was a holistic improvement, one notable accom­plishment was Stone’s perfect treasury score. Former fra­ternity pres­ident and senior Josh Brooks attributes this success to setting clear financial expectations. 

“David did a great job holding the chapter accountable,” Brooks said. 

All three men said the award served as a “tes­tament” to the work of the present and past senior classes. 

“It was an awesome oppor­tunity to see broth­erhood in a way that is com­pletely anti­thetical to the fra­ternity stereotype,” Stone said. 

Sturges agreed: “To see the chapter rally once again, it’s really a tes­tament to how hard the guys have worked, how hard the broth­erhood has worked.”

Stone said he would like to see the chapter build on this success by aiming for the national level of awards, even­tually hoping for a top 20 recog­nition or higher.

Brooks, too, said he is pos­itive about the chapter’s future. 

“I want to see them do their best,” he said. “I’m excited to see what the future holds, and this award is a recog­nition of them working toward that.”