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Hillsdale College is con­sid­ering several offers to build a new satellite location, pos­sibly in Cal­i­fornia.

According to College Pres­ident Larry Arnn, the college has received at least three serious offers to expand its oper­a­tions to other parts of the country. Arnn said the oppor­tu­nities come with sig­nif­icant dollar amounts attached and good motives behind them, as the college seeks to grow its out­reach pro­grams and efforts.

“There’s a lot of oppor­tu­nities for the college right now,” Arnn said. “There are a lot of dangers, too, but there are a lot of oppor­tu­nities.”

Since coming to the college, Arnn said he has received mul­tiple offers every year of land for the college to use.

“For many years, we’ve thought, ‘Simply imprac­tical,’” Arnn said. “There are several now in various loca­tions with a sub­stantial amount of money attached to them and good motives attached to them. One year ago I decided the world was telling us some­thing, that we should listen and think about it. We haven’t done any­thing except that: We are thinking about it.”

Ideas for a new Hillsdale-affil­iated location have run mostly akin to the Allan P. Kirby Jr. Center for Con­sti­tu­tional Studies and Cit­i­zenship in Wash­ington, D.C. Arnn said the college has dis­cussed various ideas for such a place, but is taking dis­crete and sen­sitive steps as it thinks about the prospects. Some examples he noted were an out­reach or online edu­cation center or a center for the Barney Charter School Ini­tiative. Such a building could hold sem­inars and hostel pro­gramming and attract home­schoolers, parents, and friends of the college.

“There are mil­lions of people inter­ested in learning from Hillsdale College,” Arnn said. “It would create another place for them to come.”

Phillip Kilgore, director of the Barney ini­tiative, said such a facility would be helpful for holding regional training events as well as offering summer events and pro­grams to middle and high school stu­dents.

“The satellite facility would give extra capacity for the college during the summer since so many events are held on our current campus between mid-May and mid-August,” Kilgore said.

Arnn also sug­gested a satellite facility holding a graduate school for a Masters of Clas­sical Edu­cation program, which Hillsdale is inter­ested in starting. He said that could launch some­where else and perhaps also on campus.

“We know that there is a need for a quality master’s degree in clas­sical edu­cation,” said Daniel Cou­pland, dean of faculty and pro­fessor of edu­cation. “We think that Hillsdale could do a good job of pro­viding such a program.”

For now, the college does not seem to be looking to open a second under­graduate college campus any­where. Arnn, however, did note that the number of stu­dents as well as prospective faculty members looking to pursue a liberal arts edu­cation has increased over the past 15 years.

“A lot has changed,” Arnn said. “We have a lot more high-quality stu­dents than we can admit. We have a lot more appli­ca­tions for jobs than we can hire. We increas­ingly find as we search that we wish we could hire more than one person.”

Arnn also empha­sized that if the college does create a new location, the goal is to make it self-sus­tainable, so as not to divert funds from Hillsdale’s mission as a college. Two of the offers would make money off the land donated. The third is sup­ported by donors who have a high opinion of Hillsdale, but are not con­tributing finan­cially right now, he said.

“It would be sur­prising if it all comes together,” Arnn said. “It would be sur­prising, but by no means impos­sible, if none of it came together.”

Arnn pub­licly announced con­sid­er­ation of opening a new Hillsdale location during the Parents Weekend lun­cheon on March 17. At the time, he specif­i­cally men­tioned one in Cal­i­fornia because the man making one of the offers was present at the time.

Con­sid­er­ation for a satellite location comes with good timing, as the college cur­rently is devel­oping plans and goals for the next five years. In that, Arnn said he is opti­mistic about the future and is aware the college has been for­tunate in the success of some of its endeavors that were not always a guar­antee.

Arnn teased that in about a year, he expects the school to launch another major fundraising effort. He said the college is laying out its steps to do that now.

“We’ve never been rich enough to ask the question: ‘What might you do?’” Arnn said. “It’s ‘What do you need to do for the excel­lence of the college?’”

For that reason, a new location affil­iated with Hillsdale is under con­sid­er­ation, Arnn said.

“I don’t think we’re going to make a decision about this,” he said. “I think we’re going to dis­cover whether it is a thing to do or not.”

  • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

    Wow, that cer­tainly is a chal­lenging issue. Hope­fully it’s being eval­uated by the entire Board of Trustees, all of us are smarter than any one of us. I’d like to read more about this, Ms. Noble. Keep us posted, please.

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    Please, Hillsdale College, please do more to align yourself with things that are not core to your mission of edu­cating for liberty. What every alumnus wants is for you to do more non­sense stuff and to align further with the crazy side of the repub­lican party. And yeah, also, more home­schooolerz. Thanksbye

    • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

      Yes, of course. They should align them­selves up with the party that is pro­claiming more and more their support for socialism. The GOP has their issues, but the Democrat party is lost. They no longer have a com­pelling theme.

      • Jen­nifer Melfi

        Once again your all or nothing non­sense makes an appearance. You are trying to graft big picture pol­itics on to a small college missing the purpose of their mission

        • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

          The Democrat Party is everyday aligning itself more and more with a failed eco­nomic ide­ology-socialism. Why? Because that party always veers to the Left whenever they’ve suf­fered an embar­rassing loss at the polls. They did it in 1972 and they did it again in 1988.

          I don’t see Hillsdale College ‘aligning’ them­selves with either party, though Pres­ident Arnn expressed per­sonal pref­erence for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016. He had a lot of company in that regard, since Trump was elected.

          As for Hillsdale, I see little the Democrat Party advo­cates which would be attractive to a uni­versity with a Lib­er­tarian bent and advo­cating the Fun­da­mental Freedoms as espoused by our Founding Fathers. It isn’t a question of ‘all or nothing’, it’s a question of the GOP who support mainly strict con­sti­tu­tion­alism with the Democrats who support Wash­ington-based over­sight. There can be only one pref­erence given that ‘choice’.

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            I just realized you aren’t a troll, but someone who doesn’t really per­ceive the world cor­rectly or fun­da­men­tally mis­at­tributes all of those per­cep­tions. I’m sorry for the time I wasted trying to reason with you.

          • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

            Like I said everyone has a role in life, yours is to serve as a bad example. I’ll leave it to casual observers to determine who got the better of whom.

            If you attend Hillsdale Football games in the fall we should connect-up. I’ll buy you a hot dog and a soda, I feel obligated to atone somewhat for the verbal pum­meling I’ve given you. It was nec­essary, but no hard feelings. Learning about the ‘good’ is not always a painless lesson.

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            I haven’t been attending Hillsdale events since they came out with their abhorrent pub­lished position on gay stu­dents (if you are a lib­er­tarian, you should feel the same) and their ridiculous assertion that they are now a Christian School (I only attended the school because they seemed to be prin­cipled con­ser­v­a­tives without having to resort to divine inter­vention). I also stopped hiring Hillsdale stu­dents at my place of work around that time. I’m seri­ously not hating you or any­thing, but just feeling sorry if you really are missing the point of what I am saying. The school isn’t headed in a good direction. That isn’t to say that they should be making a 180 toward the demo­c­ratic party, but prin­cipled inquiry should make it pretty obvious that there is another way forward that avoids these issues on the extremes.

          • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

            I enjoy the engagement and really don’t take things per­sonally. At least you care enough to post, even if we don’t agree I respect you for that. These com­ments sec­tions should be a lot more active, even if it’s summer.
            I’m not sure which ‘pub­lished position’ you are referring to. I believe in maximum per­sonal freedoms and, as long as someone doesn’t interfere in my Rights, I don’t think their Rights should be cur­tailed. Obvi­ously common sense factors into that and always will.
            I plan on making 2 – 3 home football games this fall, anyone who wants to meet ole ‘Alexander Ypsi­lantis’ should join me. I’ll stand treat for bev­erages and snacks-it’s been a fairly good year on the stock markets and I have a few Dollars burning a hole in my pocket. Hubba, hubba.

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            may you enjoy it thor­oughly.

          • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

            Jen­nifer, thanks for having the passion in your beliefs enough to post and to debate with them. I wish there were more people like you who cared enough to get engaged. This site needs more posters.