Hills­dale’s city hall./Wikipedia


Hillsdale City Council received 20 appli­ca­tions for the position of city trea­surer, which was left vacant when Julie Beeker resigned the first week of March to work in the county treasurer’s office.

The deadline for appli­ca­tions ended on Friday, March 23. City Manager David Mackie has yet to begin reviewing the can­di­dates and make rec­om­men­da­tions to the city council, according to Kay Freese, director of human resources for the City of Hillsdale.

“There are a lot of vari­ables in choosing the indi­vidual,” Freese said. “We could have someone in a week or a month because it really depends on who it is and their avail­ability,”

In the interim period, County Clerk Marney Kast is assuming the treasurer’s respon­si­bil­ities. For­tu­nately, the sea­sonal workload of the position ebbs in March but will pick up at the end of May and beginning of June, as the trea­surer will work to prepare the upcoming year’s tax bills, Freeze said.