Living man­nequin: Sophomore Lauren Melcher wins Tuesday’s contest. (Anders Kiledal/Collegian)

Stu­dents have the chance to win a $50 book­store gift card or a school supply goodie bag and a pair of earbuds this spring break. Stu­dents are encouraged to bring a book­store bag around with them, take a picture, and make sure to be cre­ative.


Plastic bags are available for free in the book­store this week. Prizes will be awarded to the top three par­tic­i­pants. Pic­tures must be taken between March 3 and 11, and sub­mitted by March 23. Stu­dents can send them dig­i­tally to or bring a printed version to the book­store.


The idea for this contest is from a national book­store asso­ci­ation and put into action by Trade Books Coor­di­nator Angie Berry.


“This is actually the third time we’ve done this,” Berry said. “I think the last time we did it was maybe three or four years ago. We’re a member of a national book­store asso­ci­ation, and every once in a while they pass on ideas that work well, so that’s where I picked up the idea. Each time we’ve done this it’s gone over really, really well. It’s a lot of fun.”


Going some­where exotic and fun is not nec­essary for contest entry. Whether on a warm beach or sticking around campus, imag­i­nation is what really matters to the judges.


“Cre­ativity is the name of the game,” Berry said. “We’re not judging where you’re at; we’re judging what you do with the bag wherever you are. If you’re here on campus just reading a book, have the bag reading a book with you on the couch.”


Sophomore Philip Berntson is taking a roadtrip to Nashville, Ten­nessee with three of his friends for spring break. He said that they are planning to take a photo by the “super goofy” Nathan Bedford Forrest statue with their book­store bag. The four are really looking forward to seeing that statue, Berntson said.


“I think it’s a fun way to get people to take fun pic­tures that everyone can see. It kind of builds a sense of com­munity at Hillsdale College,” Berntson said.


Judges will be Artist and Teacher of Art Bryan Springer, Assistant to the Provost Mark Maier, and Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of English Lor­raine Murphy.


“I’m looking forward to being an arm­chair traveler and seeing the world through the photos our stu­dents submit, and I expect that they’ll be won­der­fully cre­ative and fun,” Murphy said. “I take so many pic­tures myself, but with no artistry what­soever, so judging this contest will expand my horizons.”


Photos will be dis­played on the book­store window for all to see after March 23. Stu­dents must submit contact infor­mation with their sub­mission but can choose to remain anonymous on display.


“It should be a lot of fun,” Berry said. “I hope we have a lot of people.”